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  • Non-Abrasive Recyclable Grip Tape by CatTongue Grips - 1
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Non-Abrasive Recyclable Grip Tape

Full Details

  • Instructions: Cut with scissors to use in any size, shape, or length. Use only on clean, dry surfaces
  • Add an extra layer of grip to everyday items
  • Made with HDPE plastic, a soft and lightweight, flexible, super-strong, impact-resistant, high-density polyethylene plastic
  • Non-abrasive, latex-free, and recyclable
  • Easy to cut and customize
  • Please note: This product must be used in accordance with provided instructions
Recyclable HDPE plastic
One 10' roll of Non-Abrasive Recyclable Grip Tape
May be cleaned with mild soap and water to remove dirt and restore gripping ability Dimensions | 2" x 10'
2" x 10'
0.33 lb

5 avg. (1 reviews)

Made in the USA
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Non-Abrasive Recyclable Grip Tape


Non-abrasive and waterproof · Easy to cut and customize · Recyclable plastic
This Non-Abrasive Recyclable Grip Tape provides grip on slippery surfaces and secures items from tipping, spilling, sliding, or dropping. The mildly textured tape surface is durable, waterproof, and won’t pick up lint, dirt, or hair. Made in the USA.
Made in the USA
Small Business Support

CatTongue Grips

CatTongue Grips was started by Missy and Matt Kelly after a near drop of his phone left Matt searching for a better grip. He turned to skateboard tape, but its sandpaper-like surface was rough on hands and scratched up furniture. They looked for alternatives but came up empty handed, so they set out to make it themselves. Eight prototypes later, their product was ready to help folks like Matt get a grip on just about anything. What started off as a need has now turned into a calling. Missy and Matt's anti-slip, non-abrasive tape and other products make a powerful difference in the lives of those with disabilities by giving them a better grip on utensils, keeping their feet from slipping off wheelchair footplates and so much more.