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Ceramic Grill Tiles

Balances temperature on grill surfaces · Reduces gas consumption

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  • One kit contains fifteen tiles and covers 270 square inches of grill area
  • Snap tiles according to your size and need, then place them on top of a grate located above the gas burners
  • Ceramic tiles absorb heat from the propane, and in turn, cooks the food using radiant heat. By using them, experienced cooks and amateurs alike will be able to evenly distribute the cooking heat and have more control over the pace of their dishes
  • Can be used to improve grills with hot spots and uneven heating
  • Tiles are best used on low heat setting, reducing gas consumption
  • Made in Spain


Fifteen tiles


(each) 6" x 3" x 0.38"


0.31 lb




Tiles can be cleaned by flipping and heating to cook off any residue


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