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  • Humidor Hygrometer by Cheese Grotto - 1


Cheese Grotto
Humidor Hygrometer

The humidor hygrometer works to maintain impeccable storage conditions for specialty cheeses. When the hygrometer indicates humidity has dropped below 70%, it’s time to add water to the cheese humidor's clay brick.

  • For use in conjunction with the Wooden Cheese Humidor
  • Instructions: Place inside on a shelf with the cheese anywhere within a Grotto. Keep your Grotto at 70% humidity or higher
  • Gives an accurate read of the humidity to keep your cheeses fresh
  • Indicates when to replenish your Grotto's clay humidifier with water
  • Made in China


0.25" x 0.75" diameter


0.06 lb


Painted metal, plastic, glass face


Cheese Grotto

Cheese Grotto Maker Jessica Sennett has practiced the art of cheese making for the past 13 years. Cheese shop customers often asked about the best way to store cheese. Refrigerators alone just don’t cut it. Jessica created the Cheese Grotto as an attractive and functional way to store cheese under the same conditions found in natural cheese caves. Her wooden cheese humidors maintain the ideal environment for storing specialty cheeses of all kinds. Bamboo shelving and a terra cotta brick allow for air flow and humidity control. Just add water to the brick to keep the humidity above 70%. One can work its cheese-preserving magic out on the counter or in the fridge.