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Chirpwood Paint by Shadows®
Paint by Shadows Multi-Canvas Art Kit

Training wheels for the beginning painter · Helps you get the hang of using color

Painting by Shadows Kits are training wheels for the beginning painter. Paint directly on a canvas shadow image using a color image as a guide. The closer you mimic the guide image, the more your painting will look like the original. As your skills and confidence increase, you'll be less and less dependent on the shadows and able to create your own works of art.

  • View the instructions or watch the video tutorials to learn more
  • Paint directly on the shadow and mimic color guides or create your own color schemes, see some examples
  • 50% of profits are donated to Bridge2Rwanda scholarship program
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Each kit includes multiple sizes of canvas
  • Optional frame fits the largest size canvas (13" x 19")
  • Painting time varies by experience level and design complexity. Paintings can take between 30 minutes and six hours to complete
  • Please note: Does not include a painting palette. Almost any flat surface can be used as a pallet, including jar lids or paper plates
  • Printed canvas and optional frame: Made in the USA: Opelika, Alabama. All other components sourced from China
  • Made in China
Social Enterprises


Twenty-four 12 ml tubes of ASTM-D4326 certified acrylic paint, three brushes, six canvases with shadows, six color guide images


Canvas: 5" x 7", 8" x 10", and 13" x 19"; Optional frame: 14" x 20.25" x 0.88"


Kit: 0.5 lb; Frame: 0.38 lb


Canvas, acrylic paint, synthetic paint brushes; Optional frame: Oak, spring steel clips


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Chirpwood Paint by Shadows®

Chirpwood Paint by Shadows® is a bridge for budding artists who might not be ready to conquer a blank canvas just yet. Painters work on a shadow-printed canvas to recreate an image and develop their artistic ability. The everything-you-need paint k…

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