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Bluetooth Smartwatch Adapter

Bluetooth Smartwatch Adapter

Full Details

  • Materials: 316L stainless steel, polycarbonate plastic
  • Care: Not waterproof. Swimming with Chronos not recommended
  • Includes app-connected smartwatch adapter, non-magnetic USB charging dock, polishing wipe, and quick start guide
  • Discreetly attaches to back of a traditional watch. The non-magnetic micro-suction disc attaches and detaches without leaving residue
  • Chronos app- and Bluetooth-connected
  • Tracks steps and calories burned. Fitness tracking works with other health apps
  • Combine vibrating pulses & multi-colored LED lights to notify when phone receives important messages, calls, emails, or updates
  • Set custom notifications with Chronos app
  • Can silence incoming calls
  • Can control phone’s camera shutter and connected music apps
  • Find cell phone by tapping watch to make it buzz and ring
  • 30 minute charge time. Battery life of 2 days
  • Glows red when charging, glows green when fully charged
  • Sweat-, splash-, and rain-proof
  • Works with all Apple devices running iOS 9.0+ and Android 6.0+
  • New updates automatically sync to Chronos via App Store
  • Works with watches 31 mm or larger in diameter
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.3" x 1.3" x 0.12"
  • Weight: 0.38 lb. Instructions for use:
  • Wipe back of watch that will pair with Chronos with included wet wipes
  • Plug in USB charging dock to USB charger or laptop
  • Attach Chronos to back of watch, making sure arrow is pointed towards bottom of watch
  • When attaching Chronos to watch, make sure to remove the protective plastic layer from micro suction surface
  • Place watch, with Chronos attached, onto charging dock and charge for 30 minutes
  • Download Chronos app to phone and follow steps found on the quick start guide
  • Guide will assist in connecting Chronos to phone


1.5 avg. (5 reviews)

08/12/2019 by Robert
this product is junk. the metal back fell off in a couple weeks and couldn't get it to reattach so couldn't ear anymore. out $90
RUN away from this product!,
11/26/2017 by Pat
Like so many other fools, I ignored all the reports of backs falling off, nonexistent Customer Service, and general bad business practices and ordered one of these anyway. The back fell off the thing on the FIRST day I wore it, all of my emails to Chronos (the ONLY contact information the company has) were ignored, and I’m out $100 plus shipping. I have NO complaint with The Grommet; they are a wonderful company and I’ve Never had a problem with anything I’ve ordered from them - until now. The problem is with Chronos, the crooks who make this defective product and then refuse to fix/replace it when it breaks. Don’t fall for this phony piece of junk and Grommet, PLEASE distance yourself from Chronos and drop them from your catalog!!!
We'll see how this one turns out.
09/28/2017 by Yvonne
I had to return my first watch adapter due to the back of it coming apart after only a few days. I got a replacement with no problem, which I greatly appreciate. The issue with this one is that so far it sometimes does not stay connected with the app and I have had to uninstall and then reinstall the app, thereby losing all previous information. I am going to see if this continues. If so, I will be returning this one as well. I really like the concept of this device because it enables me to wear my own watches. I am really hoping that it works out.
Great Concept, Poor execution
09/22/2017 by Keith
This was an exciting offering for me to try so that I could retire my Withings Activite Pop and return to my beloved classic Seiko watch. I have in short order tried this product twice, since the thin metal backplate fell off of each one at the end of the first day of wearing. The Chronos performed flawlessly while wearing during the day, yet something is obviously going wrong in the manufacturing process. One time, that I thought could easily have been a fluke, especially with a new product. Two in a row seems to me to indicate more systemic problems. It remains a great concept and I hope the company can perfect the assembly in the future.
I so want this device to work, but it's resisting my efforts.
09/19/2017 by Marc
I am an IT guy. I am on the verge of returning this device. It fits well on my watches and the micro-suction pad really holds it in place. The device or its application is buggy -- hard to say which. It disconnects from my phone for no apparent reason even in close proximity to each other. It also will alert me that the device is discharged, even though I just charged it. The only fix I have found on my Android phone is to tell the app to "Forget the Device" and then reconnect it. I have left messages on the manufacturer's website but no solutions posted. The app forced me to install an update to the wearable itself, but these issues recur. This morning, I discovered a new "trick". I got an alert for e-mail. The white LEDs came on and would not shut off until I put it in the charger. There's no way to turn the device off or to put it to sleep, it seems. Wonder if they plan an upgrade to either the device or it's phone apps?
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Bluetooth Smartwatch Adapter

Make any watch a smartwatch with this sweat- and splash-resistant disc. Place it on the back of your usual timepiece, and it works with the Chronos Bluetooth-connected app to enable smart functions like counting steps, controlling the camera, and receiving text and email alerts. It can even locate your phone with a tap. Now your favorite watch has a higher IQ.

Chronos Wearables

Make any watch a smartwatch. Chronos attaches to the back of a traditional watch, transforming it into a step-tracking, call-silencing, notification-pushing timepiece.

This small, low-profile disc syncs through a Bluetooth-connected app and does everything from receiving email notifications to locating your phone and controlling it’s camera and music.

Tell Chronos how you’d like to be alerted by customizing the vibration and LED light pulses. Not only is it smart, it’s also sweat-, splash-, and rain-proof, too.

You don’t have to bargain between looks and functionality. This smart little device easily smartens up your favorite watch. more Their Story