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Lock & Secure Earring Back with Lift

Lock & Secure Earring Back with Lift

Extra security and lift for favorite pairs Locks onto an earring post Holds it securely in place
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  • Materials: Surgical stainless steel internal mechanism (SUS316L); Coating: 99.9% purity platinum or 99.9% purity 24k yellow gold. Hypoallergenic
  • Care: Clean as as directed for optimum performance for many years. Do not twist as it may damage the precision mechanism
  • Includes: Two earring backs, gift box, cleaning instruction card, authentication serial number
  • Instructions: Insert Chrysmela onto earring post. To remove, open locking mechanism by gently pulling the end-panel while removing back from post
  • Easy to use locking mechanism protects your earrings from falling off
  • Patented in five countries (USA, UK, France, Italy, and Japan), precision technology features three micro ball bearings that automatically adjust to earring post diameter
  • Disc provides extra support for heavier earrings or stretched out piercings
  • Allows you to wear earrings daily without worrying about losing them
  • Please note: Fits straight earring posts measuring 0.6-1.1 mm in diameter. Also works on screw posts that measure 0.6-1.1 mm in diameter
  • Warning: Choking hazard, keep out of reach of children
  • Made in Japan
  • Dimensions (each): 0.44" x 0.25" diameter
  • Weight: 0.003 lb
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4.5 avg. (33 reviews)

It really works!
12/23/2019 by Jeff
After an unexpected trip to the ER, my locking diamond stud was ripped out my ear. This back is much better than the original, with the added benefit of 'lifting' the earring. It is of a higher quality and less expensive than the original double locking back.
Work well!
12/20/2019 by Carole
They securely hold the earrings. I have 2 pair.
11/01/2019 by Margie
I have expensive earrings that these work so well on that I know longer worry about losing one or both.
Like getting a new pair of earrings
10/31/2019 by Ann
I have had a great pair of diamond earrings for years that I so rarely wore because it was such a chore to screw them on and off. Also they would droop. With these backs they are easy on, easy off. And they are supported on the back so they don't droop. Problem solved. Love it.
Great find!
10/31/2019 by Sandra
Small items but big benefits. Earrings won’t fall off-no more lost earrings. The best part is they hold tight To the back of the earlobe, not allowing the earring to droop. And you only need one pair.
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Lock & Secure Earring Back with Lift

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Extra security and lift for favorite pairs Locks onto an earring post Holds it securely in place
Chrysmela earring backs lock earrings—like investment pieces and sentimental favorites—in place so you can wear them worry-free. Nine precision-machined parts, including three micro ball bearings built into the back auto-adjust to an earring post to hold it firmly in place and can grab the notch in the post for extra security. Made with platinum- or gold-coated surgical stainless steel to be both long-lasting and to blend in with those extra-special earrings. Gain extra support with these backs that have a lift disc so earrings look ideal and are held up perfectly in place. Now your earrings can stay secure and lifted, until you unlock them.


Chrysmela earring backs lock investment piece earrings and sentimental favorites in place so you don’t have to worry about losing them. They are made with gold- and platinum-coated surgical stainless steel to be long-lasting and to blend seamlessly with the look of high-end earrings.

Eri Kikunaga came up with the idea to make earrings more secure after a fight (and break-up) with a boyfriend over—you guessed it—a lost earring. The key to Eri’s fortified earring back design is nine precision-machined parts including three micro ball bearings that lock an earring in place. The back auto-adjusts to the post and will hang onto the notch in the post as an extra security measure.

The earring backs are made in Japan at high-tech factories that also make smartphone cameras and watch mechanisms because Eri wanted her backs to be made to precision. That attention to detail results in an earring back that won’t budge—and that can provide lift for heavier earrings, too. With a pair of these backing up your earrings, you can wear favorite pairs with confidence that they’ll stay put no matter what you’re doing. more Their Story

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