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City Bonfires
Portable Bonfire

No wood, embers, soot, smoke, or ashes · 3 to 5 hours of burn time

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  • Easy to take on all your outdoor adventures, due to its compact and portable design. No wood, embers, soot, smoke, or ashes
  • Safe to roast marshmallows with the FDA food-grade, non-toxic soy wax. Burn for 20 minutes before roasting
  • 3 to 5 hours of burn time
  • Simply light the corner of each briquette by holding the flame onto it until it lights. If needed, use scissors to cut through the layer of wax, releasing fibers to light
  • Please note: For outdoor use only. Place on a non-burnable surface, like a trivet, before lighting with a torch or candlestick lighter. City Bonfires will be extremely hot when in use. Never attempt to touch or move your City Bonfires during use or before it has completely cooled down. Slide the lid over the flame to extinguish
Made in the USA


One or two Portable Bonfires


Single: 4" x 4" x 2"; 2 Pack: 4" x 8" x 2"


Single: 1 lb; 2 Pack: 2 lbs


Metal, FDA food-grade soy wax, organic briskets, recycled paper briquettes


Use outdoors only


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City Bonfires

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