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Adjustable Collar Stay - Set of 4 Adjustable Collar Stay - Set of 4

Adjustable Collar Stay - Set of 4

Independent Maker

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  • Materials: Polished stainless steel
  • Includes four adjustable collar stays and compact travel case
  • Engineered to fit all traditional collared shirt types
  • Easy-to-use fingertip adjustment sets optimum length in seconds
  • Multiple precision settings for universal sizing: 2.18”, 2.37", 2.56", 2.75", 2.93", 3.12", 3.31", 3.50"
  • Great for casual, business, and formal attire
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Case": 4" x 0.5" x 3"; Each stay: 2.25" x 0.3" x 0.05"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb
Independent Maker


4 avg. (10 reviews)

Collar Stays
05/20/2019 by John
I bought these adjustable collar stays last year and absolutely love them. I got tired of the plastic ones being all different sizes when getting dressed for work and am so glad I got them. I just bought 3 more to give to my managers and they love them too.
Excellent must have product
02/13/2019 by Leoni
I have four purchases already. Bought it for a friend who absolutely loves it and he has made me purchase three more for other friends. It fits all his shirts and swears that this is the best gift he's ever received!
Never received this item
07/28/2018 by Cindy
I am disappointed that I never received the Collar Stays. When I asked about it, I was told that they were delivered. I guess I can only assume they made it to someone else's home instead of mine.
Keeps Things Simple
07/25/2018 by Aaron
My mornings just got a whole lot easier when dressing for work!
Must have product
09/06/2017 by Leoni
I have purchased two sets of the cleverfit as a gift and the recipients absolutely love it and use them everyday. They are amazed that high-end department store don't even carry this product. It's fits every collar and no more matching plastic, bendable collar stay. Absolutely recommend. You will not be disappointed.
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Adjustable Collar Stay - Set of 4


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Get that crisp, collar perfect look with one pair of durable, adjustable collar stays. Crafted from stainless steel, CLEVERFIT is like a collar stay chameleon—adapting to casual, business, or formal collared shirts for a clean finish.


This adjustable collar stay works on all of your collared shirts, adapting to your casual, business, or formal looks for a crisp, clean finish.

Traditional plastic stays usually come in a fixed size and are flimsy, too. CLEVERFIT’s extendable design is crafted from polished stainless steel. It’s sturdy, reliable, and ready to adapt to different button downs.

Maker Sherif Zaki was tired of digging through his messy mound of collar stays that had accumulated on his closet floor—trying to find the right size and then its matching pair. He came up with his durable, chameleon design that works with different collar sizes and styles. more Their Story