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Long Garden Weeding Tool & Cultivator

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  • Made in the USA: Madison, WI
  • Instructions: For low lying weeds such as purslane, use the tip of the blade to lift up the plant mass. For tap roots, shove the blade into the soil behind the root crown. Place blade behind the fattest part of the root. Use the soil as a cushion to keep from snapping or cutting the root and pull toward you
  • Long handle allows you to stand up straight while you garden or weed
  • Tempered steel blade and curved head plows through tough soil
  • Blade cuts the weeds it cannot pull out below the soil
  • Effective on low-lying weeds such as purslane and spurge, works well on dandelions and tap-rooted weeds
  • For right or left-handed use
  • Caution: Blade is sharp
Blade and locking collar: High carbon steel; Handle: Ash wood
Do not put excessive weight on the tip of the blade as it may bend. Depending on soil conditions, the blade will keep a sharp edge. However, if desired, it can be sharpened with a stone or fine file
54” wooden handle
62" x 4" x 1"
2.5 lbs


Made in the USA
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Long Garden Weeding Tool & Cultivator

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Multi-purpose gardening tool · Weed, cultivate and more · Durable carbon steel tines
This long garden weeding tool and cultivator multitasks while saving your back. Stand as you efficiently weed, plant, dig and more. A proven traditional blade design on a 54” wooden handle make it a joy to use, and its lightweight, rugged construction will last season after season.
Made in the USA
Small Business Support


CobraHead’s cultivating and weeding tool is based on a traditional one called the “five-tined cultivating hoe”. Maker Noel Valdes was using this heirloom when it broke, forcing him to handle just the tines. He realized that with some changes and upgrades this accidental implement—shaped like the head of a cobra—would be a fantastic hand-held weeding tool.

This multi-purpose tool is a rugged weeder and cultivator and it tackles many more gardening tasks with ease. Available in both a handheld and stand-up version, gardeners also use it for digging, planting, edging, and harvesting. Built with rugged high carbon steel, it will last for many seasons to come.