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Youth Athletic Cup Youth Athletic Cup

Youth Athletic Cup

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  • Fits most compression shorts or jock straps
  • Flexible and lightweight design that moves with your body, providing protection without restricting range of motion
  • Internally lined with breathable polyester fabric to keep comfy and cool
  • Designed to contour to body
  • Field-tested for little league baseball, hockey, football, and lacrosse
  • Note: Compression shorts or jock strap must be purchased separately
  • Made in China
Molded polyurethane foam cup, breathable polyester mesh fabric interior lining, perimeter lined with smooth polyester trim
Hand wash and air dry
5.25" x 3.25" x 1.5"
0.06 lb
Small Business Support
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4 avg. (3 reviews)

Just too awkward
11/03/2018 by tami
I bought this thinking it would be better than a regular cup. My son won’t wear it. He is 11 and has played baseball for 6 years. It is comparatively wider than a regular cup. And it doesn’t really fit in the Baseball sliders that hold the cup. While it is softer, because it is also wider, it was too uncomfortable. I have it to a friends whose 11 year old refuses to wear any cup, hoping it worked better for them.
My 8 yr old is happy I bought it.
08/23/2018 by Carianne
This was a great purchase for my kid! He loves it and find it so comfortable and less noticeable when wearing. I had bought a pair of athletic shorts that came with a cup from Target. It was "youth" size. It was way over sized for even my kid. He's 4'5" & 85 lbs. It was uncomfortable and moved a ton. Would definitely recommend this for other youth athletes!
My grandson loves comfy cup
06/24/2017 by Sandra
Thanks for this comfy cup for youth. My grandson says it's so much more comfortable and easy to put in and take out. Great purchase.
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Youth Athletic Cup

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This youth athletic cup is kid-created to fit and feel better while providing light-impact protection. It’s made from flexible, breathable molded foam that contours to the body, and is sized to fit little athletes just starting out with contact sports.

Comfy Cup

Little Leaguer Kyler Russell knocked one out of the park with the youth athletic cup he created for boys like him. Comfy Cup provides light protection in a comfortable—and kid-friendly—design.

Unlike the typical hard plastic versions, Comfy Cup is soft and flexible. It’s molded from pliable foam that contours to the body, and has a breathable mesh lining. Its scaled-down size and light impact protection make it the perfect first athletic cup for school-aged kids just getting started with contact sports.

Kyler loved baseball, but hated the mandatory cup he had to wear. His parents encouraged him to channel his complaints into creating an alternative. With some help from Mom and Dad, and after testing prototypes out on his teammates, Kyler created this smarter, softer solution. more Their Story