Food Scrap Collector

By CompoKeeper

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The CompoKeeper Food Scrap Collector is an innovative kitchen compost bin that keeps odors in and bugs out. Hands-free with interlocking bag clamps and removable tote to take out waste without dripping.

  • Made in the USA: Union City, CA
  • Materials: Polypropolene (# 5) and ABS (#7) plastic and stainless steel
  • Care: Rinse with water and soap occasionally
  • Includes CompoKeeper bin, 12 compostable bags, 2 activated carbon filters, easy-to-assemble handle accessories, and stickers
  • Recycle your food waste easily, without the offending smell and without attracting bugs
  • Quadruple-action odor control technology keeps smells locked in and doesn't attract fruit flies
  • Hands-free, foot pedal-powered lid to open
  • Generous six gallon bag capacity and inner bag tote for easy removal
  • Also great for odor-free collection of dirty diapers, pet waste, or other smelly trash (optional labels included)
  • Optional clamp-operating handle for under the counter storage
  • Dimensions: 10.75" x 13.75" x 16.75"
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs.

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6/23/2018 by Beverly

Love it.
I move it next to me in the kitchen when I am cooking.
I like the compostable bags.


Best I’ve seen

3/17/2018 by John

For one month of use this seems to be a very good product that is more than a plastic garbage can. I like the caddy that supports the weight of my kitchen waste; that the bag mechanically closes each time; that the carbon odor cartridge seems to work in my well heated kitchen this March...will it work in July? Sometimes my bag is shaken loose from its clips. Once the carbon cartridge on the underside of the lid fell out because the plastic clips are finicky. Several times the plastic lid came loose from the steel rod that works with the foot pedal. But these are abrupt movements and it addresses convenience and odors well, so I recommend this can for compostable waste.More > < Less


Perfect solution

1/7/2018 by Kendra

I used to keep ziplock bags on the counter, now this 6 gallon bin keeps it off the counter and I can't smell it. The filter works well and is supposed to last six months. The foot pedals to open and close are perfect for carrying handfuls of vegetable clippings to the composter. My only complaint was that I needed to find a screw to fit the filter holder since it wasn't included. Totally worth the money!More > < Less


Love It!!!!

6/28/2017 by Erica

This collector has been great for food scraps. With the foot pedals it is easy to open if your hands are full, and the opening is wide so it all easily goes in the can. I've had scraps in the can for weeks and have not noticed any odors. And it is super simple to empty. I highly recommend this product!More > < Less


So far I love it.

11/15/2016 by Richard

So far I love it. It does what it says it will do. I have this in the kitchen and there is no odor and the fruit fly problem has been solved. What I really like is that it holds a lot so you are not continually emptying it and the plastic biodegradable bags make bringing to the compost pile easy. Wish I had something like this years ago.More > < Less

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CompoKeeper - Food Scrap Collector

About CompoKeeper

Cleaner, Greener

Composting is great for the environment. It reduces pollution and erosion, and even helps treat contaminated soil. This keeps chemicals out of our drinking water and garden plants.

Unfortunately, composting often means fruit flies and a trash can full of stinky food. Nobody wants that in their home. This is why Van and Kristen Hess, a father-daughter duo from Colorado, came up with a better way to deal with food scraps inside the house.

The CompoKeeper is a kitchen compost bin that keeps the bugs away and the smell contained with quadruple-action odor control. This hands-free bin has an activated carbon filter to neutralize odors and an interlocking system to keep the bag closed. The biodegradable bags are breathable, and the removable tote makes it easy and mess-free when taking it to the compost pile. And a six gallon capacity means you have to take it out less often.

By eliminating the “yuck factor," the Hess team has made it easy to fit composting into our everyday lives.