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Compact Travel Pillow & Mask

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  • Materials: Cotton, polyester, spandex
  • Care: Hand wash, hang to dry
  • Features 2 small pillows that sit on either side of the head, positioned towards the backside of the headband. These pillows keep your head stable and upright
  • The optional eye mask can be rolled up or rolled down
  • Packs into a small bag that can easily be placed into your carry-on, a purse, or a pocket
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 4" x 3" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb.

3.5 avg. (133 reviews)

10/13/2019 by Patricia
Have not used it for a plane yet but have tested it laying down.... so far seems it will be comfortable, can wait to test it in a plane.
Great item
04/12/2019 by Don
This works great!! I use it at work when I need to rest my eyes from looking at the computer screen.
Felt a little silly
02/13/2019 by Sharon
It works, but almost too good. I was a bit nervous on my first overnight flight and this worked, but I did feel closed off and lost my awareness of all the activity around me. Glad my friends were there and we could watch out the potential things going on with our belongings.
Nice and portable
10/05/2018 by Joyce
I like the bag and portability Bout I feel the two pillowed back supports are way too stiff and hard ad small as in depth.
10/05/2018 by Joyce
I like the portability. But the cushion part is very hard and not large enough I feel. Maybe if the back padding was a bit more flexible it would lend to being comfortable
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Compact Travel Pillow & Mask

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A portable and comfortable alternative to bulky travel pillows. The Travel Halo cradles the head to allow for rest while traveling and it has a built-in eye mask that can be folded up or down.
Small Business Support

Mike Vahey

The Travel Halo was designed to help you sleep comfortably while sitting up on planes, trains, or automobiles.
It was created by Mike Vahey, a U.S. Army veteran and world traveler, who spent many exhausting, sleepless nights on the road. He found that traditional C-shaped pillows pushed his head forward and crunched his neck. Ouch! Worse, those bulky pillows had to be blown up and were tough to carry, especially with new luggage requirements.

Mike wanted to create a different, more effective option. His first prototype was made with tube socks tucked into the back of an eye mask. That original model developed into a patent-pending “halo” with rear stabilizers, positioned between head and backrest. It cradles your skull and aligns your neck, holding them firmly in place. Better still, a fold-down mask blocks light. Small and compact, it fits in its own pouch, perfect in a purse or briefcase.

Machine washable, you can keep it fresh for every trip. It's so comfy, you may want to wear it lying down too.