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Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Full Details

  • Features 4 key adjustability features, see adjustability guide
  • Offers comfort and support for any hand size
  • Articulating hinge allows you to adjust the angle of body tilt anywhere between 35 to 70 degrees
  • Thumb support adjusts in length, rotates, and extends
  • Provides seamless performance on almost any surface at a working distance of up 8 meters, with state of the art Pixart (PMW3330) sensor
  • Ten cursor speed selections let you work at your own pace
  • Features 6 programmable buttons and an ultra smooth scroll wheel
  • Wireless version features Lithium-Ion Polymer battery which provides up to three months of power. The cable will allow you to charge while you work to help eliminate downtime
  • Works with PC and Mac operating systems
  • Features optional driver for button customization
Plastic, electronics
Wireless: Mouse, micro-USB charging cable, dongle extender, and dongle; Wired: Mouse, USB cable for computer connection
Wipe with dry cloth, use canned air to get into the seams
8.5" x 5.75" x 2.75"
0.75 lb

4.5 avg. (32 reviews)

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse


Avoid (and ease) repetitive strain injuries with an ergonomic computer mouse that encourages the hand to sit in a natural handshake position. This mouse has an adjustable thumb rest and can tilt between 35 and 70 degrees to comfortably custom-fit any hand.

Contour Design

The reimagined computer mice from Contour Design are made to help us work better and feel good, too. The award-winning ergonomics Makers are rethinking the way we use computers—whether you’re at a traditional desk or a standing one—to prevent common repetitive strain injuries like tendonitis and carpal tunnel. These ergonomic solutions can make you feel better if you already experience strain, too. Unimouse is has a vertical shape so the hand sits in a handshake position. The adjustable thumb rest and tilt (ranging from 35 to 70 degrees) lets you customize it to feel as natural as possible. Rollermouse, on the other hand (pun intended), is a total redesign. This mouse sits in front of the keyboard to encourage better posture and body alignment. We tried it and were impressed with its speed, and how it adjusted to our movements—which is the work of built-in tracking technology. By integrating either device into your work space, you can help make yourself feel better—which sounds pretty smart to us.