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Tunnel Shaped Cuddle Pillow

Cuddle in comfort · Shaped to keep pressure off arm · Spooning or side sleeping


Cuddle up with a pillow that makes getting close more comfortable. The curved design has built-in support that creates a tunnel for an arm to rest in, so it won’t get squashed (or fall asleep) when you’re getting close or sleeping on your side.

  • Made in South El Monte, California
  • Designed for comfortable cuddling
  • Prevents numbness and pain while snuggling in a spooning position or sleeping on your side
  • Made with high-quality foam surrounding four arched plastic braces
  • Braces block pressure felt from pressing against an arm or leg
  • Great for camping, traveling or watching TV
Made in the USA


One pillow, one cream-colored removable cover


Pillow: 12" x 12" x 6"; Pillow Cover: 18.5" x 12"


1 lb


Pillow: Polyurethane foam, polyvinyl plastic braces; Cover: 80% cotton, 20% spandex


Pillow Body: Spot clean only; Cover: Machine wash gentle


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Total:: $313.95

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As a young man with a degree in industrial arts, Coodle® Pillow Maker Bob Meade knew a lot about materials and working with his hands. The idea to create a cuddle-friendly pillow came to him when, appropriately, he was curled up with his girlfriend, Shirley, and his arm fell asleep. Bob cut foam and bent plastic in the oven to create a tunnel-shaped pillow that kept his arm feeling comfy and Shirley close. The couple started selling the pillows as a side business that funded their wedding. Coodle took a backseat to busy lives with kids but now, years later, what helped bring Bob and Shirley close back in 1996 is bringing them together again as they share their spoon-able, cuddle-able pillow with other folks.

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