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Smart Meat Thermometer

Full Details

  • Sensors within the probe monitor multiple temperatures. These temperatures are then used in a specifically developed algorithm to calculate the precise temperature of the food
  • Six sensors work together to measure the temperature of the meat and the air surrounding the meat. Five sensors are within the probe and one is on the handle
  • Accompanying app communicates with the thermometer to calculate cooking time and provide internal meat temperature
  • Alarm will alert you when the oven temperature is too low or too high
  • Bluetooth range up to 120 meters or 394 feet
  • Within the App settings, you can choose between Celcius or Fahrenheit measurements
  • Additional probe will allow you to measure temperatures of multiple pieces of meat at the same time
  • Please note: Avoid closing the lid and using direct heat when the sensor is placed horizontally on a thin piece of meat. Heat radiation can cause temperatures of sensor to exceed higher than 662¬∫ Fahrenheit, even if the ambient air temperature is much less
Receiver: Food grade approved 304 stainless steel, ABS plastic; Sensor probe: Food grade 304 stainless steel, Teflon wire, silicone coating
Smart Meat Thermometer: Round metallic receiver, one probe, one probe holder, two AAA batteries, instruction booklet; Optional Meat Thermometer Sensor Probe: One probe, one storage container
Hand wash only with mild dish soap in cool water. Air dry
Storage container: 1" x 3" diameter; Receiver: 0.88" x 3" diameter; Cord length: 40.5"; Probe length: 3.5"
Smart Meat Thermometer: 0.39 lb; Meat Thermometer Sensor Probe: 0.14 lb

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Smart Meat Thermometer

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Helps ensure consistent cooking · Six sensors built in · Temperature and cooking time alerts
This smart multi-measure meat thermometer helps ensure that meat is cooked consistently throughout. It has six sensors built in: five to register the internal temperature of a piece of meat or chicken and one to check the air temperature of the grill or oven. An app keeps tabs on low or cool temps and alerts you when cooking time is up. Opt for an additional sensor probe to the base unit to keep tabs on two cuts cooking at the same time.
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Kasper Kristensen and Martin Kloster—CookPerfect founders and longtime friends—are avid grillers who were frustrated with how complicated it was to achieve consistently cooked meat using conventional meat thermometers. Despite their best efforts, meat always seemed to be over- or under-cooked. They tested a variety of prototypes and landed on a model that finally satisfied their barbecue dreams. Rather than being limited to just one sensor, CookPerfect’s thermometer packs in five sensors that monitor temperature throughout a cut of meat. A sixth sensor measures the oven or grill temperature and transmits an alert (via its smartphone app) if things are getting too hot or not hot enough. Cooking for a crowd? Add an extra sensor to the base unit so you can keep tabs on two cuts cooking at the same time.