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Cooks Innovations
Fridge Monkey

Stack cans and bottles on mat · Keeps items from rolling around · Keeps fridge more organized

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Maximize storage in your fridge with this flexible rubber mat that stacks ten cans in a space that would normally fit four. Inspired by the device that reportedly held cannon balls neatly and safely on ships, the Fridge Monkey has just the right amount of give to let cans sit in the cavities rather than roll out over the lip. It works for wine bottles, too.

  • Designed to optimize storage space in your fridge
  • Fits 10 beer or soft drink cans, 10 beer bottles, or 5 wine bottles (or any combination of cans and bottles)
  • Stack bottles or cans. Fridge Monkey prevents them from rolling around


9.75" x 3.8" x 0.4"


0.19 lb


TPE (synthetic rubber)


Dishwasher safe


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