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Modern Snow Globe

Contemporary snow globe · Hand-painted scene inside · Charming details

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These unique snow globes bring a sparkling, contemporary vibe to the collectible classic. A hand-painted scene is magnified by the glass dome, bringing charming details into sharper focus. This modern take on snow globes makes for a sophisticated and stunning addition to any season.

  • Instructions: Hold base firmly in your hand. Turn the globe upside down and then flip it back right-side up
  • Features: Hand cast and hand painted objects inside
  • Due to the handmade nature of this product, no two snow globes are alike; hand-painted colors may vary slightly
  • Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Sunlight shining through the water is a magnifier and can cause fire. Sunlight can also cause the water to discolor
  • Made in China
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4" x 4" x 4.5"


2.75 lbs


Globe: Glass; Base: Resin; Liquid: Purified water, antifreeze, glycerin, glitter


Dust with a fine dry cloth or use glass cleaner to remove fingerprints. Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme hot or cold


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CoolSnowGlobes brings a stunning modern sensibility to a collectible classic. Makers and artists Liz Ross and David Westby created the collection together and were inspired by the ever-changing seasons in New England, which they missed while living in San Francisco. Each globe encases hand-painted scenes that capture charming miniature moments. The glass magnifies things so you can catch all the little details, and instead of traditional snow, these globes are filled with a sparkly, shimmery glitter. From natural scenery to life’s memorable moments, these globes are made to stand out in every season.

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