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Sports Pack - Choose Any 2 Sports Pack - Choose Any 2

Sports Pack - Choose Any 2

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  • Ample weight keeps product in place on your desk and cords securely out of the way
  • Cord channel has two openings: One small diameter (accommodates cord diameters up to 0.2") and one large diameter (accommodates cord diameters up to 0.79")
  • Magnetized: Separates into two pieces that snap back together around your cord for easy cord placement and management
  • Please note: Magnets will not adversely impact your electronic devices
  • Warning: Only for use with low voltage cords, 20 volts or less (ie., most standard electronic devices)
  • Made in China
Polyurethane plastic and finish
Soccer Ball, Baseball, and Basketball: 2.25" x 2.5"; Football: 4" x 2"
0.3 lb


4.5 avg. (7 reviews)

12 yr old loved them
03/21/2015 by Denise
I never saw them but had them shipped directly to my grandson. He loved them and his mother said they were very cute. Since I never saw them, I gave them a 4.
These are NOT made with the magnet idea like the basic cord buddies. Different type of product, I felt.
02/26/2015 by Kathy
While this product does what it claims to do (hold cables securely out of the way), it ISN'T in the magnetic style like the basic Cord Buddies. I found this to be unfortunate. I was hoping that my son would want to take this to college to use on his desk in his dorm, but it is not NEARLY as nice as the basic kind (I purchased both), and not as easy to get the cord in or out of. This product has to be squeezed to open enough in the front to pull the cord through. Had I known that the sports pack were made out of foam...I probably wouldn't have purchased them, I would have just stuck to the basic ones.
Great product!
12/25/2014 by Cindy
These are great! I bought them for my eleven year old son and he already wants a few more! No more cords falling down and getting tangled. Will definitely order more!
Fun product
05/20/2014 by Judy
These were gifts for my 27 and 31 year old sons, who still play baseball. Since they have baseballs lying around their apartments, why not have some that have a real job off the ball field? They work great!
Sport cord Buddy
02/10/2014 by kirsten
this Product is actually awesome and cute at the same sons love them. I have one at my desk at work (I work at a a school) the students think they are so cool.
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Sports Pack - Choose Any 2

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Bring your love of the game to a whole new level with these sport-themed cord organizers. From your desk to your counter top, and just about everything in between, the Sport holds your cables securely and out of the way.

Cord Buddy

Nobody likes that tangled mess of cords hiding behind the desk (or even worse, in plain sight on the floor). Yet, we all put up with it because cords, chargers, and electrical devices have become an essential part of our daily lives.

After years working as an IT professional, Steve Kwak decided it was time to tame the cord chaos. He and his brothers, Kevin and Carl, founded Cord Buddy and began putting cords in their place.

Cord Buddy is available in your choice of three styles. A welcome addition to any desk, the GLOW can hold up to 3 different cords of varying widths. With an LED light that senses motion and lights up if you move within 8-10 feet of it, the Glow also comes in handy on your bedside table. No more groping for your charger in the dark. The Basic is a weighted, single port Cord Buddy designed for that one go-to-device you just can't live without. And, for all the sports fans out there, Cord Buddy also comes in a set of athletic themes.

Cords and chargers are here to stay. Cord Buddy is here to help keep them neat and tidy. more Their Story