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Sidekick™ Mounted K-Cup Holder

Full Details

  • Instructions: Remove the backing from the adhesive pads, align vertically and press firmly for ten seconds to secure to any surface. Load the cups in from the top and dispense from the bottom
  • Mounts securely with 3M adhesive that can be removed after use
  • Saves valuable counter space
  • Keeps your coffee at your fingertips
  • Each dispenser holds five coffee pods
  • Made in China
ABS plastic, 3M® adhesive
Two Sidekick‚Ñ¢ Mounted K-Cup Holders. K-Cups not included
8.5" x 2.5" x 3.5"
0.2 lb

5 avg. (22 reviews)

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Sidekick™ Mounted K-Cup Holder


The Sidekick™ Mounted K-Cup® Holder is a unique, space-saving dispenser for K-Cups and other coffee pods. The Sidekick is mounted with 3M® adhesive pads strong enough to stick securely to any surface such as coffee machines, cabinets, and refrigerators.
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Covena Products

The Sidekick™ Vertical Mounted K-Cup Holder designed by Maker Christy Charles was inspired by an untidy mess in the Charles family kitchen. When they had just recently purchased a new Keurig™ coffee machine, Christy noticed a problem right away—K-Cups® were seemingly everywhere, spilling into precious space on their countertop. There weren’t any viable solutions that didn’t involve sacrificing prime counter space, and that wasn't an option in their kitchen. It didn't take long for Christy to decide she'd had enough of the coffee pod takeover, and so she got to work on designs for her own solution to this spatial dilemma. After about 50 tries on their home 3D printer she had a working prototype, and thus the very first Sidekick was born. With a unique design that leaves a small footprint on your kitchen counter, the Sidekick offers a convenient and space efficient way to store your K-Cups and keep your kitchen in order.