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Portable Water Bottle Sterilizing Cap Portable Water Bottle Sterilizing Cap

Portable Water Bottle Sterilizing Cap

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  • Instructions: Tap once on the cap to display remaining battery life. Tap twice on the cap to perform sterilization for one minute. Tap five times on the cap to perform sterilization for two minutes. Charge the cap once a week by placing the included charger on top of the cap. See user guide for more information
  • Cap fits most 9, 12, 15, and 17 ounce cola-style bottles
  • Zero maintenance with filterless design
  • BPA-free, FDA approved food-grade materials
  • Photo-cleaning prevents the growth of germs inside the bottle and sterilizes microbial contaminants up to 99.9%
  • Two modes of sterilization available depending on the water source
  • Can also be used to sterilize other surfaces
  • 5% of every purchase donated to, giving access to safe water and sanitation to 22 million people worldwide
  • Please note: Avoid looking directly at the UV light. UV sterilization only eliminates microbial contaminants, not chemicals or particulates
  • Made in China
Cap: PP plastic, UV LED; Bottle: 304 stainless steel
Hand wash with water only, do not put in dishwasher
One water bottle sterilizer, charger, extra gasket, cleaning wipes, user manual, optional water bottle
Optional bottle capacity
17 oz
S'well, S'ip by S'well, MIRA, Manna, Chilly's, Simple Modern, Sportneer, POP, HoneyHolly, and many others
Full charge lasts up to 7 days
IPX7, FCC, CE, Rohs
Cap: 4" x 4" x 6"; Cap and Bottle: 14" x 6" x 4"
Cap: 0.25 lb; Cap and Bottle: 0.75 lb
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living


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Portable Water Bottle Sterilizing Cap

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CrazyCap's Portable Water Bottle Sterilizer makes water safe to drink using advanced deep UV sterilization technology that protects against a wide range of harmful microbes. Disinfects various surfaces besides just water and bottles; when shined on any surface of interest, it can eliminate over 99% of germs. Ideal for daily use and for travel.


CrazyCap offers a simple, zero-maintenance solution that gives people the power to use deep UV technology to decontaminate their water. CrazyCap has designed a bottle cap that fits many standard water bottles and purifies the contents with a simple tap. You can enjoy clean drinking water for up to 10 years without having to worry about changing a filter. The Portable Water Bottle Sterilizer is a perfect solution to water quality issues and single-use plastic pollution.

CrazyCap believes clean water is not a luxury but a basic necessity—no one deserves to live off of unsafe drinking water. They're dedicated to the fight for access to safe and healthy water for everyone, so they’ve partnered with, donating 5% of every purchase to the foundation. more Their Story