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Cool Touch 3D Pen Starter Kit Cool Touch 3D Pen Starter Kit

Cool Touch 3D Pen Starter Kit

by CreoPop

Full Details

  • Materials: Photopolymer ink, lithium ion 1.5 Wh; 400 mAh; 3.7 V battery
  • Instructions: Use like a regular pen to make lines or create an outline and then fill it in
  • Includes cordless pen, 3 full size regular inks (cyan, orange, red), USB charge cord, quick start guide, instruction manual
  • Additional ink refills available
  • Uses light-sensitive photopolymer ink and built-in LEDs to harden ink so pen remains cool to the touch
  • Easily change ink colors mid-creation—each ink cartridge can print a 46 ft. long line at 1 mm diameter (standard nozzle size)
  • Features a rechargeable lithium ion battery for reliable, long-lasting power—includes USB charging cable
  • Great for artists, designers, and kids alike
  • Keep away from eyes. Recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 7.25" x 1.25" x 1.25"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb.


5 avg. (4 reviews)

So cool
01/18/2017 by ReBecca
Got this as a gift for my artistic son. He started making stuff instantly, loves it! Time to order more ink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great but...
05/27/2016 by Beezley Jr
Use of this device requires that the user have some artistic talent to begin with. I find it very useful for repairing other items by either sealing cracks, filling in holes or making small replacement parts. The resin is very strong and works quite well in places you wouldn't expect. I broke the pocket clip off my favorite tablet stylus and was able to make a new one and attach it with this pen. The new pocket clip appears to be much stronger than the original. Its not pretty but it works.
Birthday gift
02/15/2016 by Sylvia
I bought this for my grandson for his birthday And I'm sure he will be delighted with it. I won't be giving it to him for another month. It looks like fun. I'll let you know how he uses it.
Great item
02/14/2016 by larryegilman1
A very unusual item that is amazingly fun to use. It was delivered as promised
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Cool Touch 3D Pen Starter Kit


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Add dimension to your drawings—literally—with a 3D printing pen. As you draw, a built-in UV light cures the ink, letting you build almost immediately. The ink is cool (not hot like other 3D pens), so it is safer for kids to use. Whether you go freehand or follow an online tutorial, you can create almost anything you can imagine.


Drawings grow into shapes at your fingertips. With CreoPop’s 3D printing pen in hand, you can create multi-dimensional pictures and structures freehand, in real time.

Co-Founder Andreas Birnik thought 3D pens had untapped potential. Most of them work by melting plastic “ink,” which can make both the pen and ink dangerously hot. Plus, melting plastic doesn’t give off the greatest smell.

CreoPop uses cool ink instead, so it’s even safe for kids to use. The ink is photopolymer (a fancy way of saying it’s light sensitive). The pen’s interior and adjustable UV light cures the ink as you draw without any heat. You can build dimension almost instantly.

The cordless design charges via USB. That leaves you free to draw without a cord getting in the way. And CreoPop offers a variety of fun inks that can give your creations extra special effects.

If you need help getting started, there are tons of videos online to help spark your imagination. After seeing the incredible things you can create, you’ll be inspired to work on increasingly intricate designs. more Their Story

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