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Crescent Moon Snowshoes
Lightweight Foam Snowshoes

Curved, rocking design · Lightweight foam · Better comfort and maneuverability

Crescent Moon snowshoes are an innovative alternative to awkward and clunky traditional snowshoes. They're recommended for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, dog walkers, runners, and people who love the snow. The rocker platforms bend and roll with your foot, just like your favorite athletic shoes.

  • Lunas fit 6Y to 12M and are recommended for kids and runners
  • Evas fit 7W to 14M and are recommended for snowshoers weighing up to 200 lbs
  • Lightweight, quiet, and flexible snowshoes
  • Dependable traction from strong rubber lugs and optional ice cleats
  • Extra cushion and insulation for comfort and warmth
  • Simple, secure hook and loop bindings
  • Recyclable through athletic shoe recycling programs


Lunas: One pair of Lightweight Foam Snowshoes with twelve removable ice spikes; Evas: One pair of Lightweight Foam Snowshoes with fourteen removable ice spikes


Eva: 8"x 24" x 2"; Luna: 7" x 20" x 1"


Eva: 3.5 lbs; Luna: 2.65 lbs


EVA foam, polymer, VELCRO®, stainless steel ice spikes


Hand wash with water


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Crescent Moon Snowshoes

Crescent Moon Makers Tamara Laug and Jake Thamm are avid snowshoers, but they were feeling uninspired by the traditional gear. Tamara, a lifelong runner, thought that applying a similar rocker-style shape seen in some running shoes could make this wintery pastime more dynamic. She and Jake decided to target the most common complaints among snowshoers—heavy, clunky shoes—and create a new style that felt more intuitive and enjoyable to wear. After two years of prototyping and testing (and picking the brain of a shoe designer buddy), the team landed on the perfect balance of design and materials. These snowshoes have a curved shape that helps them move more fluidly on the trail. And, because they’re made of foam, a pair is super lightweight and easier to maneuver in. Gone are the awkward-feeling shoes and the resulting dragging motion. Now you can head out into the snow with a new spring in your step.