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Grilling Spice Gift Set

Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Ingredients: Full ingredient list is below
  • Perfect for all your outdoor cooking creations
  • Spices blended in the USA: Cambridge, MA
Store in a dry, cool area out of direct sunlight
One glass jar of Curio's Rose Harissa spice blend (1 oz), one glass jar of applewood smoked sea salt from Maine (2 oz), one tin each of Curio's Da Lat (1.8 oz) and Edo (1.5 oz) signature spice blends, and recipe cards
Da Lat Spice
Cocoa nibs, coffee, black pepper, star anise, ginger, coriander, turmeric, cassia; Applewood smoked salt: smoked Maine sea salt
Rose Harissa Spice
Chile peppers, wild cumin, coriander, caraway, rose buds, grains of paradise, garlic, Maine sea salt
Edo Spice
Black sesame, orange peel, Japones chile, wild nori, dulse, sea lettuce, poppyseed, ginger, pickled cherry blossom (cherry blossom, salt, umeboshi vinegar), sansho, yuzu peel
6" x 5" x 3"
1.2 lbs
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


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Grilling Spice Gift Set

Fire up the grill with some new flavors. This set of grilling spices was curated to help take grilled proteins and veggies in a tasty new direction. It includes three of Curio Spice Co.’s signature (and unique) spice blends along with applewood smoked sea salt from Maine and recipe cards for inspiration. It’s all directly sourced from growers and farms to ensure freshness and purity.

Curio Spice Co.

Curio Spice Co.’s roots grow from Maker Claire Cheney’s passion for travel and cooking. Claire has traveled to over 12 countries to dig deeper into the flavors she loves. This gave her the chance to experience spices at their source, like saffron in Greece, cinnamon in Sri Lanka, and pepper in Cambodia—which pairs perfectly with her background working in coffee, chocolate, and restaurants. All of this discovery (and hard work) culminates in a bespoke spice shop that can proudly boast close relationships with the growers and farms that are the base for Claire’s unique spice blends.

Claire does a lot of the work for you by crafting well-balanced blends that will help make your cooking and baking shine, from curries to grilled dishes to DIY pickles. She sources locally when possible to ensure quality and freshness, and around 90% of the spices are certified organic; half are Fair Trade Certified. She even includes recipe cards to get you started. We appreciate Claire’s first-hand, hands-on approach to spices and how easy she makes it for folks to try new flavors and take dishes in a new direction. more Their Story