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Pewter Ornaments Pewter Ornaments

Pewter Ornaments

Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Made in the USA: San Diego, CA
  • Perfect Union: Great for weddings and anniversaries
  • Scroll Heart and Guardian Angel: Great gift for any occasion
  • Each piece is signed and titled by Cynthia Webb
  • All artwork begins with original sketches. Design molds are hand-carved in jeweler’s wax
  • Each piece is hand-finished, oxidized, polished, and coated
Pewter and poly ribbon
Wipe with soft cloth
Ribbon for hanging and descriptive card
2" x 2.25" x 0.1"
0.15 lb
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


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Pewter Ornaments

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Each of these handmade pewter ornaments is a tiny piece of Made in the USA art, which starts as a sketch by artist Cynthia Webb. The finished result is equal parts beautiful artwork and heartfelt sentiment—the perfect gift for new couples, new homeowners, or anyone you want to give a little love to.

Cynthia Webb Designs

Cynthia Webb was an architect before following her heart into designing pewter wall art and ornaments.

All her work, including her signature bird’s nests, is handmade in her San Diego studio. She starts with design sketches that are then carved into wax to create molds for the pewter.

Cynthia began making ornaments, which are a small and sweet touch. She has since expanded to include larger pieces, like her framed artwork and bird’s nests. Her hands-on approach extends to the finishing of the pewter, and the signed wall art as well. The nests make for a perfectly lovely (and customizable) gift, but you can’t go wrong with any of her work that pairs loving sentiment with careful craftsmanship. more Their Story