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Konjac Fiber Cleansing Sponge

Konjac Fiber Cleansing Sponge

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  • Materials: 100% Konjac root
  • Care: After each use, rinse, gently squeeze out water, and hang to dry. Do not wring with excessive force. Dew Puff should be replaced every 3 months. If sanitizing sponge is desired, Dew Puff may be boiled for 2 minutes or placed in microwave for 1 minute
  • Directions: Before each use, thoroughly soak with water until soft. Add cleanser if desired and clean face with gentle massaging motion
  • Naturally pH balanced and slightly alkalized to help brighten and even skin tone
  • Great for all skin types including sensitive skin
  • Extra soft & gently exfoliates
  • Asian Clay soothes and moisturizes making it great for drier skin types. Bamboo Charcoal helps to remove toxins from skin and clear pores making it great for acne prone or oily skin types. Original contains no additives and is great for all skin types including extra sensitive skin
  • Sponges can be used with or without facial cleanser
  • Made in South Korea
  • Dimensions: 4" x 3" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.02 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (35 reviews)

Cleaned Great but...Didn’t Hold Up
11/08/2019 by Susan
I bought the original sponge and loved how it made my face feel after using it. I don’t know if I was just an ”aggressive” scrubber, but it started ripping around the edges. This was after about 4 weeks of daily use.
Much better than the other one
09/24/2019 by Audrey
This sponge I use for my dogs crusty eyes. He seems to like it and doesn’t fight me. So far it gets soft quickly under hot water, so much better than the other sponge.
Not as good as the other black one
09/24/2019 by Audrey
I tried this one for myself and it got very hard and took forever to get soft under hot water, then I think it got moldy. Dumped it after 3 weeks. The other one (black) is better and I use it in my dogs eyes.
06/26/2019 by Laurie
Nice facial scrubs
A nice shape!
06/22/2019 by Robin
The texture of the sponge when wet is not at all what I expected. I thought the sponge would have some sort of texture to it. When wet, the sponge was softer than a wet washcloth!
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Konjac Fiber Cleansing Sponge

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Treat skin to a natural Konjac sponge that is made from fibers of the Konjac root. The sponge transforms from super-hard to super-soft when it gets wet and feels plush against skin. It helps cleanse skin and provides extra-gentle exfoliation. There are skin-specific sponges that best treat your complexion—opt for Bamboo Charcoal to help combat breakouts, Asian Clay to soothe dryness, or go for a traditional Original sponge to please any type of skin.

Dew Puff

Masashi and Maya Tsuchiya began making their own natural konjac sponges when Maya discovered this cult-favorite way to cleanse and exfoliate skin.

The Dew Puff sponges are made with fibers of the konjac root, which is well-known in Asia for its healthy benefits. This comes from the plant’s alkalinity which helps brighten and balance out unevenness in skin tone.

Masashi and Maya have enhanced their sponges to best suit different skin types. Along with a traditional sponge that suits all complexions, they have also added bamboo charcoal to combat breakouts, and Asian clay to better treat dry skin—and they still keep everything all natural.

A konjac sponge starts off hard, but once it’s wet it becomes amazingly soft and plush. We became fans, too, when we experienced how a sponge gets cleanser extra-sudsy and how it gently exfoliates without being too harsh. more Their Story