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Clear Ice Cube Maker

Clear Ice Cube Maker

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  • Instructions: Fill tray with water and lower silicone molds into tray. Freeze for approximately 12 hours. Lift tabs to remove and enjoy. For best results ensure the freezer is between 15°-32° Fahrenheit. The slower the ice freezes, the clearer the ice cubes will be
  • Creates slow melting, ultra-clear ice that enhances any drink
  • Features unique pop-up ice release with silicone molds
  • Easy to use design eliminates the need to boil water
  • Made in China
Silicone, BPA-free plastic, EPS foam
One silicone ice mold, ice mold tray, insulated foam sleeve. Creates eight small 1” cubes or two large 2” cubes/spheres
Two Count Tray: 9" x 4.25" x 5.25; Eight Count Tray: 10.75" x 5.75" x 3.75"
Two Count Tray: 1.45 lbs; Eight Count Tray 2.2 lbs
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4.5 avg. (17 reviews)

this stunk
01/12/2020 by Sandra
Only makes two at a time which take approx. 8 hrs so, if you want to use it with a guest you only get to do that one time. It definately isn't worth the price!
Crystal clear ice makes whiskey better
01/01/2020 by Sherri
So, my husband and I visited a whiskey bar in Hood River, Oregon called Whiskey Tango. They gave him a perfect glass of rye with a crystal clear square ice cube. We were notably impressed and I began my quest. Behold, the Grommet! Iceology has figured out how to work this magic and we gleefully harvest our gorgeous cubes when we need a wee nip of whiskey
Nice but not worth the price
12/30/2019 by Sandra
nice but for the price should have twice the quantity
It really works.....
12/21/2019 by Meg
After trying other products his one gave us clear cubes. Can’t wait until it’s back in stock so we can order the large spheres.
A lot of work for very little ice.!
12/21/2019 by James
Difficult to add water initially and harder to refill after use.. it makes two, small round balls of ice. Just not worth the effort.
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Clear Ice Cube Maker

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This clear ice cube maker creates ice that melts slower, tastes better, and makes cocktails look picture-perfect. The mold takes a cue from the way water freezes in nature (from the top down) and pushes air bubbles and impurities out, leaving you with nothing but clear ice.

Dexas Ice-ology

Dexas Ice-ology has come up with a cool—and we mean it—way to create clear ice cubes. And they’re taking a cue from Mother Nature.

Pour water in the mold and pop it into the freezer. It will freeze slowly from the top down, just like in nature. This process pushes out bubbles, cloudiness, and impurities, so you’re left with a clear cube and nothing else. The end result looks stellar and melts slowly (no diluted cocktails here), and some folks think it tastes better, too. Cheers to that. more Their Story