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Premium Smoking Wood Pellets


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These wood pellets infuse your meal with distinctive, smoky flavors like mesquite and sugar maple. The pellets are made from all natural hardwood with nothing artificial added.

  • No artificial flavors or binding agents
  • Burns up to 49% hotter than other leading pellet brands
  • Low ash content which reduces grill maintenance
  • Made in China
Made in the USA


A mild flavor, with the sweet taste of Washington Red Apple trees, great with white meat

Wild Cherry:

One of America's favorites, this mild and fruity wood is great for beef, poultry, and salmon, but is bitter for swordfish


One of America's favorites, a classic bacon flavor. Great with all meats

Sugar Maple:

Sweet and mild, a great smoke producer. Try it with pork and poultry


Very strong, spicy flavor. Try it with beef


Strong flavor yet more mild than Mesquite. Try it with beef or lamb


15 lbs of smoking pellets


18" x 12" x 3"


15 lbs


100% natural hardwood


Store in a dry place


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