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Heat Diffusers

Heat Diffusers

Made in the USA

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  • Made in the USA: Mining, smelting, and refining of the copper ore in Utah, Arizona, and Montana; Finish and manufacturing in Ventura, California
  • Heat Diffuser can be used on gas, electric, glass, and ceramic stove tops. Does not work on induction stove tops
6" mini copper heat diffuser
Use for 1 or 2 quart saucepans
8" small copper heat diffuser
Use for small sauce and saute pans
9" medium copper heat diffuser
Use for multiple small pans and larger sauce pans
10" large gourmet copper heat diffuser and defroster plate
Use for professional grade stoves, multiple small pans, and larger crock pots
Dimensions (in packaging)
6" x 6" x 0.13"
1.5 lbs
Made in the USA


4.5 avg. (158 reviews)

FINALLY ... evenly distributed heat!!
07/27/2019 by Doogiesmom
Have a professional gas cooktop & hot spots keep me struggling w/perfect evenly distributed heat. A particular problem when making pralines, so decided to try it. OMG!!! It's fabulous!! Bought the 8 inch one. Just browned meat in a 12 in pan and total heat distribution accomplished (and with the Frywall - no splatters!) Think I'll invest in more for several other burners. After first firing it discolored, but that's characteristic of 100% copper. Appreciate that these are THICK copper, too. The BEST invention ever!! Well ... a tossup when compared to the silicone Frywalls you all sell. Keep the kitchen inventions coming!!
Great diffusion, hard to maintain
07/26/2019 by Ouida
Love how it diffuses the uneven heat from my gas burner but it discolors with first use and Bar Keeper’s Friend doesn’t remove discoloration. Also a bit expensive but, after all, it is copper.
Defrosts food quickly
07/10/2019 by Lale
This is really great when you forget to take something out of the freezer for dinner.
Works great!
06/24/2019 by Lori
Very useful addition to my gas stove. I don't burn nearly as much food as I used to. It also helps my food stay warm after I turn the burner off.
These are great
04/25/2019 by Calvin
This is my second.... Defosts frozen food... Great for simmering
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Heat Diffusers

High performance solid copper heat diffusers and defroster plates. Copper is a superb conductor of heat. Not only does copper evenly distribute heat, its greater mass allows it to hold more heat.


Copper cookware is prized by kitchen connoisseurs for its unsurpassed ability to distribute heat quickly and evenly. But it’s an expensive metal, and copper pots and pans are an investment that many of us can’t quite justify. Thanks to Pete Mohler, there’s an affordable way to tap the conductive properties of copper without buying expensive new cookware.

Pete, who’s an aerospace engineer, came up with the idea for a copper heat diffuser when he wanted to improve the performance of a mediocre stove. He designed a solid copper plate that fits on top of a stove’s burner, under any ordinary aluminum, iron or stainless steel pan. The copper plate distributes heat evenly across the entire cooking surface of the pan, so foods cook more evenly and with less scorching and scalding. Pete teamed with Bill Hackman, and the two launched BellaCopper to commercialize the idea.

BellaCopper’s hand-finished heat diffusers come in different sizes for maximum versatility. You can use two diffusers side by side to turn two adjacent burners into a single griddle-sized heat source, for example. You can use them as hot plates to keep food warm, or in the oven to maintain a more constant baking temperature. BellaCopper’s heat diffusers also double as defroster plates: If you place two frozen chicken breasts on a room-temperature copper plate, they’ll defrost in about 40 minutes as the internal heat from the plate is transferred to the frozen food.

Who knew a simple copper plate could be so useful in the kitchen? more Their Story