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Waterproof Torpedo Digital Level

Full Details

  • Measuring range from 0° to 90° (use for any angle—360°)
  • Resolution of 0.05° (1.0 millimeter/meter); Accuracy of ± 0.05° at 0° & 90°; ± 0.2° at 1° to 89°
  • Digital display of angle in degrees, slope (%), millimeter/meter, and inches/feet
  • Built-in magnet at the V-groove aluminium base
  • Wide operating temperature range: -4° Fahrenheit to +140° Fahrenheit
  • IP67 certified—water, shock, dust, and freeze-proof
  • Inverted digital display feature uses bright LED display
  • Easy to recalibrate without special fixtures required
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Made in Indonesia
Tough aluminum base with rubberized end caps for impact protection
9" x 2" x 1"
0.73 lb

4.5 avg. (14 reviews)

Never turned on
04/14/2019 by Jesi
I got this for my husband as a holiday gift, so that he could use it in our new home. Due to still unpacking, it got misplaced for a few months. When it was located again, he tried to use it for our closet upgrades. He followed the instructions to a T, but couldn't get it to even turn on. Such a disappointment.
05/05/2017 by janusz
Imvery happy
Structure bearings adjustment
02/10/2017 by Douglas Hayes
I havenpurchesed the torpedo level to check on vertical shift on rockers of bearings supporting girders on bay bridge MD. we are rebuilding bearing assembly because of age and packed rust build due to age, we have to check vertical plum of rockers per degrees outside at time of adjustment of new bearing assembly, it is just what ineed to bridge specks on movement because the bearings are located at expansion seals on bride hands free is a must when having to take pics of measurement for task performed.
02/09/2017 by Mark
Was looking for a small digital torpedo level for that tight places were a larger digital torpedo can't fit. So far reading the manual and zeroing out the unit was simple. The two bubble might need a few more reference line to help in zeroing out the unit and quick reference. All in all it is a well built digital torpedo level.
Solid Four!
01/04/2017 by Glen
So far so good! I purchased it a couple of months ago and have done some smaller indoor projects. this Spring/Summer will be the big test when I tackle some outdoor projects. All features work well, but can be a little sensitive to vibration. I expected a little more for the price, but I am very happy with the purchase. I would recommend for sure.
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Waterproof Torpedo Digital Level

The Digi-Pas Torpedo Digital Level takes the guesswork out of leveling, letting you hang pictures, put up shelves, and do other home tasks with the accuracy of a pro. Embedded with the same technology found in models used from NASA to Boeing, Digi-Pas beeps at true zero. Then it measures angles and slopes with a digital readout on the bright LED display. Waterproof and dust-proof, it makes leveling foolproof.

Ming Yong

The compact Digi-Pas digital torpedo level takes the guesswork out of hanging pictures, putting up shelves, installing towel bars, and other household tasks. You might be using it for everyday household tasks, but inside is the same advanced technology found in levels used by companies from NASA to BMW and Boeing.

Place Digi-Pas against any surface and adjust the level until you hear a little beep. That tells you it’s at true zero. From there you can align things horizontally or vertically and measure the angle of any slope. This level is even slightly magnetic, so it can stick to certain surfaces.

The results are shown as actual numbers on a bright LED display. With no floating air bubble to line up, you’ll save time and frustration, even in low light.

And this torpedo level has real heft, so it feels as professional as it looks. The outside is tough, impact-resistant rubber that makes the level waterproof, dust-proof, and even freeze-proof. It’s a tool that helps make your DIY projects foolproof.