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Scratch-Free Odor-Resistant Scrubber & Sponge

Scratch-Free Odor-Resistant Scrubber & Sponge

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  • Ergonomic fish shape allows the scrubber sponge to reach tough, tight areas while fitting comfortably in your hand
  • DishFish gill is perfect for cleaning spoons, forks, and other utensils
  • Open-cell structure with flow-through cells are designed to quickly release water, food, and grease
  • Foam inhibits stains and washes out those unsightly messes, while drying faster to stay fresh and clean longer
  • Scratch-free design is gentle on delicate surfaces
  • Lasts 10 times longer than ordinary sponges
  • Made in Thailand
Scrubber: Specially formulated polyurethane; Sponge: Foam
Squeeze out and stand on tail to dry
Dimensions (each)
4.5" x 3" x 1.25"
Weight (each)
0.02 lb
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Scratch-Free Odor-Resistant Scrubber & Sponge

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This dish scrubber takes to water naturally. A solo scrubber or scrubber-sponge combo cuts through tough messes in hot water—and tougher ones in cold. A gill and eye in the fish-shaped design helps scrub all the nooks. It won’t scratch glass and the open-cell technology structure quickly releases water, food, and grease, so it dries fast, too. Just stand the sponge on its tail.


DishFish swam to success thanks to Jim Kordenbrock. A veteran problem-solver and a veteran of the U.S. Army, he decided to focus on creating the best cleaning tool possible.

After lots of designing and testing, a winner swam to the top: the DishFish. Its unique (and fun) shape is easy to hold and makes it able to squeeze into every corner. PowerCell Technology and ForeverFresh Foam tackle tough messes in hot water and actually thicken in cold water for an even stronger scrub. The open-cell structure quickly releases water, food, and grease—plus it dries faster, too. Even though the DishFish can last 10 times longer than traditional sponges, it’s still soft to the touch, odor-resistant, and scratch-free. more Their Story