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Anatomy Coaster Set, Lifestyle

Anatomy Coaster Set, Lifestyle

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  • Instructions: Use to protect furniture from sweating glasses
  • Sandstone coaster is backed with cork
  • Made in China, decorated in Arlington Heights, IL
Sandstone and cork
Spot clean with soap and water
Four different coasters
Dimensions (each)
0.25" x 4" diameter
0.9 lb
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


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Anatomy Coaster Set, Lifestyle

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Beloved outdoor spaces and equine companions are the stars of these sandstone coaster sets. Fun facts and charming illustrations live side by side on each one to make any drink more interesting.


Dishique Maker Megan Steffen’s approach is equal parts informative and illustrative, as evident in her collection of charm- (and fact-) packed coasters and glasses.

Megan’s own drawings highlight the facts, features, lingo, and landmarks of an array of topics—from hobbies to locations to—what else?—drinks. A set of sturdy coasters can display your fondness for horses, Boston, wine, or the beach, plus many, many more options.

Megan had her thinking (and bartending) cap on when she came up with beaker-style cocktail glasses. Mix, stir, and sip all in one. There’s even a whiskey-based recipe printed on the glass to get you started. That’s one surefire way to make drinks more interesting. more Their Story