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Metronome Light Sleep Aid Metronome Light Sleep Aid

Metronome Light Sleep Aid

by Dodow

Full Details

  • Materials: ABS plastic, LED light, and elastomer
  • Synchronizing breaths with the light helps you learn to meditate
  • Features two time modes, 8 or 20 minutes
  • Projects an animated blue light onto the ceiling and rhythmically pulses for easy-to-follow breathing
  • Pulsing light achieves the ideal 6 breaths per minute breathing rate
  • Helps to regulate breathing to assist with insomnia
  • Touchpad design
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Battery operated using 3 AAA batteries
  • Please note: Not recommended for children under 6, as they might not be able to follow the breathing rhythm
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.35" diameter x 0.8"
  • Weight: 0.22 lb


4.5 avg. (4 reviews)

Doesn’t work for me
08/27/2019 by Jackie
I really had high hopes for this product, but I am returning it. I have to use a ceiling fan to keep cool enough to sleep. It’s right above my bed and interferes with the light. I’m sure it would be great otherwise. I’ve been using the breathing exercise on its own, and that has helped.
Pretty interesting
04/29/2019 by Bridget
It has helped me to wind down and rest peacefully!
Great invention!
02/13/2019 by Elaine
Bought this as a Christmas gift for someone who has major sleep issues. This product has helped significantly! It may not help with every sleep issue, but it has made a big difference with falling asleep faster. It gets a lot of use! Thank you so much!!
It Works!
01/18/2019 by Marnie
I don't know how it works, but this totally works! I had the hardest time falling asleep. My brain would race. The first time I used the Dodow it was like magic. It's easy to synchronize your breathing with the blinking of the light and halfway through the 8 minutes my eyes get heavy and I can barely keep them open. The instructions recommend you complete the full 8 min cycle. When the Dodow shuts off, I close my eyes and next thing I know I'm waking up in the morning. I really don't get it but I've fallen asleep faster, even when I'm not feeling tired, and sleeping better than I have in a long time. If you have trouble shutting down your brain and falling asleep I definitely recommend giving this a try. I've only been using it a week at this point and it's worth every penny! I didn't give it 5 grommets due to 1 design flaw. You need to put the device on your nightstand but there's no way to direct where the light goes so it shines on the ceiling directly above the unit. If you're in bed that's generally off to the side. It would be ideal if there was a way to adjust the direction of the unit so the light would shine directly above you in bed.
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Metronome Light Sleep Aid

Inhale and exhale to the pulse of this little lamp to fall asleep. It’s a sleep relaxation aid that takes you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute, which steadies your heart rate and lulls you to sleep fast. Invented by a cured insomniac and two designers, Dodow is like a personal meditation coach that has helped over 60,000 people sleep soundly.


Like a personal guided meditation, this pulsating lamp helps you fall asleep quickly and soundly—and there’s solid science behind it. Match your inhales and exhales to the pulses, and your body will take over from there.

By slowing down your breaths to six per minute, Dodow gradually steadies your pulse. It stimulates the part of your brain that’s in charge of lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. The result is that you take longer exhales, release more CO2, your brain’s blood vessels shrink, and you’ll fall asleep two times faster than you usually do.

Maker Alexandre Dujoncquoy cured his insomnia through concentrated breathing. He then teamed up with two product designers to make this technique almost foolproof. Now Dodow lulls over 60,000 people to sleep every night. To join them, all you need to do is breathe. more Their Story