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Water Purifier Water Purifier

Water Purifier

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  • Materials: 100% natural mineral rock
  • Rock acts like a water purifier
  • Easy to use: Rinse the rocks, fill your dog's water bowl with no more than 1/2 gallon of water, add rocks into water bowl
  • Each water bowl uses one pack of Dog Rocks
  • Replace Dog Rocks every two months
  • Set includes reminder sticker for changing rocks
  • Within 3-5 weeks, there should not be any new burn patches on your lawn
  • Please note: Dog Rocks cannot bring dead grass back to life
  • Dog Rocks are not uniform in size and will differ from pack to pack
  • Mined in Australia
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 2" x 3.3" x 9"
  • Weight: 0.44 lb
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


3.5 avg. (16 reviews)

11/01/2019 by Ming
Tried these for 8 months. They never worked, even a little bit. Don't spend your hard earned money on this rip off product.
The grass is greener!
03/24/2019 by Rebecca
Oh my goodness! They work great! Now the grass is greener on my side of the fence!!! Dog Rocks are perfect!
Wish I’d known about them sooner!
01/12/2019 by Sally
These are great! We can always tell when the rocks wear out, and it’s usually longer than the package says! I always have the new set on hand and watch for the yellow spots to start, then replace the rocks. We use them all year, even in the snowy winter so the grass isn’t dead come spring.
No difference whatsoever
06/20/2017 by Sarah
Two months in, the rocks have made zero difference. New burned out spots crop up on the lawn every week. Our vet said it was likely not going to do anything, and she was right.
A joke....!!
02/21/2017 by Jenny G.
Don't waste your hard earned $$$!!!
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Water Purifier

100% natural and made from a nauturally-occurring paramagnetic igneous rock. When placed in your dog's water bowl these rocks will remove any nitrates and tin found naturally in water, giving your dog a cleaner, healthier source of water supply.

Dog Rocks

Since the rise of the great American suburbs, a beautiful green lawn has been the mark of stability and character. Following its establishment in North America and Europe, the lawn appeared in Australia, where a naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock is also found.

This igneous rock is used to make Dog Rocks, which has been helping families across UK and the rest of Europe—including most of the UK’s royal families—in keeping their lawns lush by preventing nasty yellow dog urine burn stains!

Dog Rocks are 100% natural and do not alter the pH urine balance of dogs in any way; they work by removing any nitrates and tin found naturally in water, thereby providing your dog with a cleaner, healthier source of water supply. Simply rinse the Dog Rocks, place in your dog’s water bowl and replace every two months. Soon, Sparky won’t ruin your uniform, green lawn anymore—and you’ll have admiring neighbors! more Their Story