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Dr. Cohen's acuProducts
Heatable Massage Tool

Helps roll out muscle tightness and achy joints · Created by a chiropractor and acupuncturist

Warm up and roll out. Dr. Cohen's acuBall and acupressure-inspired heated massage tools target joint and muscle pain. Pressure point nubs work on trouble spots, while warmth boosts circulation and calms nerves. acuBall Mini does the same job with firmer texture, and acuBack promotes better spinal alignment while it's at work.

  • Instructions: Heat the tool as directed. The acuBall and acuBack can be heated in the microwave on a plate for one minute. All massage tools can be heated by boiling them in water for twelve minutes. Do not put the acuBall Mini in the microwave. Place under area of discomfort and relax for a full three minutes on each spot or until tenderness dissipates
  • acuBall is for relieving muscle and joint pain, improving flexibility, aiding athletic performance, enhancing tissue healing and vitality
  • acuball Mini is a smaller size and features harder consistency, making this perfect for working the smaller muscles of the body like the feet, shoulders, arms, forearms, and hands
  • acuBack is for proper sitting posture and muscle/joint release. Place it behind your back on a chair or while driving to improve posture. Also great for massaging hamstrings, neck, and shoulders. Spine Align Belt allows users to loosen tight spinal areas
  • Heating the tool gives over one hour of heat
  • Precision acupressure points that penetrate and separate tight muscle and connective tissue
  • Free instructional app requires iOS 9.0 or later or Android 4.4 and up
  • Please note: Do not overheat. Do not put the acuBall Mini in the microwave as it will melt




acuBall: 4" x 4" diameter; acuBall Mini: 2" x 2" diameter; acuBack: 9.5" x 6" x 4.5"


acuBall: 1 lb; acuBall Mini: 0.2 lb; acuBack: 1.5 lbs


Surgical grade PVC


Clean using soap and water


Dr. Cohen's acuProducts

The Dr. Cohen at work here is Maker Dr. Michael Cohen, who knows about pain management the world over. This chiropractor and acupuncturist has visited 30 countries (and dedicated over 30 years of clinical experience) to better understand self-healing traditions in other cultures, driven by the mission of empowering folks to take better care of their bodies. His acu-centric massagers have pressure point nubs that help you work into muscle tightness and are heatable to ease away aches. acuBack can even assist you with proper spinal alignment, which can make you feel better all over. Warm one up to get circulation going and to relax deeply.