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Bug Stick Bug Stick
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  • Made in the USA: Sag Harbor, NY
  • Directions: For best results, apply liberally to exposed skin every 2 to 3 hours or as needed. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Test on a small area of your skin for any irritation before use
  • Product is safe to use and effective for up to 2 years beyond the best by date. Some products may show a best by date that has already passed.
  • Repels mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, horseflies, and other biting insects
  • Free from chemicals, DEET, parabens, phthalate, dairy, and soy
  • Product is not tested on animals
  • Do not expose to excessive heat and direct sunlight
  • Please note: If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before use
  • Warning: For external use only. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. Discontinue use if irritation or redness occurs
Lemongrass Oil, citronella Oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, cedar oil, clove flower oil, geranium flower oil, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, vanilla flavor, castor seed oil, cocoa seed butter, catnip oil, orange peel oil, black pepper oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, lemon eucalyptus oil, Calendula flower extract
1.25" x 1.25" x 3.75"
0.1 lb
Sustainable Living


4.5 avg. (19 reviews)

Bug stick
11/01/2019 by Dianne
Very effective!
10/31/2019 by Wendy
I've been using this for years and it really keeps the mosquitoes away. Pleasant smell, really works.
A must have
08/04/2019 by Marcia
I have used this with success while hiking in CA where we have those pesky gnats and this repels them. When I was in New England where every bug imaginable exists I used it and was bug free on the lake and land.
Bug Stick smells good to me, but mosquitoes hate it
10/20/2018 by Linda
I bought these sticks once before. Most people really like how it smells and ask me what it is--others don't like citronella. Regardless of people's preferences, this stick really works at keeping mosquitoes away.
works good
10/10/2018 by Kim
I used this on my recent backpacking trip and it worked great. I enjoy the smell and it was easy to apply.
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Bug Stick

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The Bug Stick is specially designed to keep away pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats, all while protecting and nourishing skin. The formula is made with 100% natural ingredients, with no DEET or chemicals. Plus, it's biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic

When an organic sunscreen, bug repellent, and moisturizing stick all feel and smell this good—and are earth and skin-friendly—there’s no need to reach for anything else.

Dr. Fedorenko’s all-natural body goods are Made in the USA with essential oils, herbs, and other botanical elements. But what isn’t in there is just as important. You won’t find any additives, harsh chemicals, or anything synthetic blended in. Just natural goodness, like calendula, vitamin E, and coconut oil. Each comes in a handy stick for easy application, and the packaging is biodegradable, too.

There are actually two doctors at work in this family company. Dr. Julia Fedorenko Bitton and her mom, Dr. Larissa Fedorenko, first created the Bug Stick to fight mosquitos and ticks at home in New York. They’ve since paired their backgrounds in dermatology and holistic medicine to helps bodies in other ways—and always naturally. more Their Story

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