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Aluminum Beverage Can Top Opener

Safely removes top of can · Use to add garnishes or mix drinks · Accommodates most beverage cans

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This can opener is unlike any other because it fully removes the top, creating an incredibly smooth edge that safely turns your can into a cup. By removing the top, you are able to enjoy the aroma of the beverage without the smell of the aluminum. This also makes the can perfect for adding garnishes or mixing drinks. Made in the USA.

  • Made in Hurlock, Maryland
  • Instructions: Slide the handle out of the tool until it clicks into place. Place the tool flat on the can, ensuring that none of the blades are resting on the can tab. Gently press the tool down and lightly squeeze the handle to grab the can. When squeezing, you should be able to pick the can up with just the tool. Squeeze the handle until you feel it start to flex. Maintain a consistent squeezing force and begin to rotate the can. Rotate the can at least one half turn until you hear a series of cracks and then a pop. To remove the tool, open the handle all the way so the blades aren't grabbing the can. Rest one of the notches in the handle on the rim of the can and slowly rock in the lid. The lid can then be left attached or removed entirely
  • Creates an incredibly smooth edge that safely turns your can into a cup
  • Perfect for adding garnishes or mixing drinks
  • Accommodates most 8 to 19 oz beverage cans
Made in the USA


One Aluminum Beverage Can Top Opener


7" x 4" 0.75"


0.2 lb


Body: ABS plastic; Splitters: Stainless steel


Must be rinsed after each session in order for it to perform as designed. If rinsed after each use, no soap is required. If really dirty, warm water and soap can be used. Not dishwasher safe


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