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Drain Cleaner Starter Kit & Refills

Drain Cleaner Starter Kit & Refills

Full Details

  • Materials: High strength nylon, plastic
  • Reusable handle spins 360 degrees
  • Disposable wands easily detach from handle
  • Slim and flexible wand fits into most drain openings
  • Unique microhook design effectively grabs onto hair
  • Starter kit comes with two refill wands, plus a pack of three additional drain wands
  • Additional refills available for purchase
  • Molded in China; assembled and packaged in USA
  • Dimensions: Handle: 6" x 2" x 0.5" ; Wand 18" x 0.12"
  • Weight: 0.21 lb


4.5 avg. (168 reviews)

It Works!
09/18/2019 by Mandacious
Easiest review I've ever written. This product works! I used it on 2 bathroom sinks and a shower drain and the faster flowing water results were instant. Simple yet totally effective. Also, very inexpensive and no chemicals at all.
Surprisingly easy to use effective tool
09/18/2019 by Amol
This is a great product. It is surprisingly very easy to use and is very effecting at clearing slow draining sinks or tubs.
Broke before I even used it
08/25/2019 by Deborah
Didn’t even have the chance to use it because it broke right out of the box. I didn’t even bother to send it back for a refund because it wasn’t worth the time or money.
Saved me from calling a plumber!
08/25/2019 by Susan
This little gadget saved me on more than one occasion from calling a plumber. Great to have on hand for clogged sink drains.
A great product!
08/19/2019 by Rebecca
I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the Drain Weasel worked. I had noticed that the bathtub was draining slower and slower. I have used Drano in the past with fair results, but I didn’t want to put those chemicals into the septic system. I used the Drain Weasel and was immediately able to remove a very large plug of accumulated hair and gunk, freeing the blockage in the drain. The Drain Weasel is very flexible and easy to use and I would definitely recommend this product.
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Drain Cleaner Starter Kit & Refills
Disposible Drain Cleaner
Refill Wand 3-Pack

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This handy little drain cleaner clears out clogs without having to take your plumbing apart—or use harsh chemicals. Simply crank the handle to work the long, flexible wand down the drain. The grasping hook and loop material on the end latches onto hair and debris. You reel it back up, then pop the disposable tip—and gunk—off into the trash. Your hands never need to touch the yucky stuff.

Drain Weasel

This drain cleaner clears muck out for you—without getting your hands wet or using harsh chemicals.

Drain Weasel makes it easy to routinely keep pipes clean and clear, preventing bigger clogs from stopping things up. The long, thin design can help out pretty much any drain, regardless of size or shape.

Steve Turner and his dad Scott created Drain Weasel to combat clogs without having to take the drain apart—or get your hands dirty.

Crank the handle to circulate the wand, as its flexible body contours along curves. The tip snags debris with tiny hooks and loops, holding onto them while you reel it out. The best part is that the tip is disposable, so you can pop it off into the trash. Replace it with a fresh one for next time.

With routine cleaning every few weeks, you can help keep your drains clear. And your hands clean. more Their Story