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Drawer Organizer Deluxe Kit

Full Details

  • Easy installation
  • Cut to fit, nonslip BaseMat
  • Clean and food-grade safe
  • Repositionable pieces
  • Great for kitchen utensil drawers, desks, tools
  • Offered in (6) colors: Red, lime, natural, sky blue, orange, and iris
  • 21 piece set includes: 1 Silicone BaseMat, 5 Long Divitz, 10 Short Divitz, 5 Triangles
  • Dimensions: BaseMat: 20" x 14"; Long Divitz: 3" x 1"; Short Divitz: 1.5" x 1"; Triangles: 0.72" x 0.72"
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs

5 avg. (51 reviews)

01/07/2019 by Traci
While the size was not the size of my drawer, my drawers looks great! I ordered 2 and it is the best system I have ever had.
Red drawer organizer
01/05/2019 by Judy
Bought several. Now everything has a place which I love. On returning items after cleaning it keeps your drawers neat and organized so there’s no irritation of not being able to find a kitchen tool because it has a home of its own. Being able to cut to fit smaller drawers is also a breeze because of the checker pattern design. Thank You. Great Invention.
Organized to stay!
05/16/2018 by Cindy
I really like this organization kit for a second home we share with our family and friends. No more hunting to find the kitchen tool I need after guests have place it in a random messy drawer. Now they know right where it belongs, making my kitchen time and theirs more efficient and my drawers always tidy!
Easy to use and it works!
08/10/2017 by Deborah
This kit was a well designed way to organize the drawers that are always jam packed with big stuff. The drawer is the best kept in my kitchen. I am going to order another!
Great product!
03/06/2017 by Karen
We renovatedout kitchen two years ago and my many utensils were cluttered together without rhyme or reason. With this tool, I've been able to organize easily.
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Drawer Organizer Deluxe Kit

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Custom drawer organizer resolves clutter in minutes.

Keith M. Nielson

Do you have a scary kitchen drawer? One where you’ve been stabbed by a bamboo skewer, strafed by a can opener and pierced by a corkscrew? Now you can put your mind at ease and straighten out that mess with an easy, customizable organizer.

The creator is entrepreneur Keith Nielson, who refused to let clutter take over his drawers, craft and tool areas. His solution is DrawerDecor, a DIY system of modular sheets and dividers that can be trimmed and repositioned to fit your drawers, toolboxes and desktops. Each 16-piece set comes with one nonslip BaseMat made from food-grade silicone. There’s also an assortment of Divitz dividers, which stick to the BaseMat so you can create perfectly sized storage slots for even your most irregularly sized tools and utensils.

Decked out in red, green, blue, orange, or purple, your work area will look and feel like it’s had a mini face-lift. You, too, can conquer clutter and put an end to junk drawer mayhem.