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Power scrubber brushes do deep-cleaning jobs quickly and effectively. Fit one onto your power drill and let it do the work. Opt for firm bristles to tackle tough surfaces like brick, grout, and linoleum, or you can pick one with a rounded design to better get into corners. The soft bristle scrubber works well on carpet and upholstery.

  • Materials: Polypropylene nylon bristles, base steel shaft
  • Includes: One brush for drill
  • Instructions: Attach Drill Brush to a cordless drill. Apply cleaning product to brush before engaging drill. Test the brush on a small area before cleaning the surface entirely. Slowly engage the drill and begin cleaning
  • Drill design allows for fast and efficient scrubbing
  • Red flat and corner brush are great for cleaning tile, grout, siding, linoleum, brick, stone, general purpose cleaning, and scrubbing
  • Soft flat brush is great for cleaning car tires, carpet, upholstery, leather, glass, and other gentle scrubbing
  • Compatible with any cordless household drill
  • For ages 13+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Flat: 3" x 5" diameter; Corner: 4" x 3.5" diameter
  • Weight: Flat: 0.35 lb; Corner: 0.25 lb

9 Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love it!

7/30/2019 by Patricia

We found this works well and saves your arms with the drill doing the scrubbing. I would definitely recommend it.


How easy to use.

7/28/2019 by Sandra

I bought several of the new scrubbing items for the drill and have used them all with great success. But this drill brush is my favorite. It gets into the track on the shower doors with ease. It cleans the grime off of the tire rims quick and does not scratch. It gets into corners! Around the base of the toilets! Into just about every close place that you need to clean. I have the flat brush for the large flat surfaces, but this one is the best!More > < Less


Love these scrub brushes

6/30/2019 by Nancyanne

These are easy to use and seem to work well. I am glad I got them and recommend them!



5/12/2019 by Anne

I purchased the two flat brushes. I used the white one to clean some spills on the carpet. The brush was easy to use and did a fine job of cleaning the spills. I used the red one to clean the shower. I have tried many different items to clean the shower that did not do the job. This red brush cleaned the shower completely. I am 71 years old and I am so thrilled that these brushes work to well. Thank you to the inventor.More > < Less


even used flat brush to clean floor tile!

7/31/2019 by Laura

since a few kitchen floor tiles get super dirty, I keep these brushes under the sink to remind me to clean the tile using the flat brush. Like they are heavy duty bristles.More > < Less

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About Drill Brushes

Scrubbing Power

Drill Brushes do scrubbing jobs faster—and probably better—than you. (No offense.) How? These scrubbing brushes and pad attachments are powered by a drill, not your arm.

There are brushes suited for tough work like cleaning brick, grout, and linoleum, or you can opt for a rounded design to really get into corners. Go for a brush with softer bristles to handle jobs on carpet and upholstery, or try a scrubbing pad to tackle grime in places like the shower or on glass stovetops.

The scrubbing brushes and pads are efficient and effective alternatives to, you know, you, and using one sidesteps any potential repetitive motion strain triggered by tough cleaning jobs. All that, and it is oh-so-satisfying to see one in action.