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The Nutcracker The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

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  • Materials: Die-cast zinc; Body: Powder-coated body; Handle and Lever: Chromed
  • Care: Hand wash only
  • Dismantles for thorough cleaning and easily reassembled
  • Minimal exertion required
  • Designed and produced in Sweden
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 4.5"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.


4.5 avg. (12 reviews)

The Cracken
10/08/2017 by Kenneth
Worked well on hazelnuts and walnuts. Walnuts had to be turned and cracked in different places. Sold & thick wall construction feels safe. This would be a best wedding present because we all have those collection drawers of junk tools that we bought, wasted effort, space and money and the environment.
Beautiful design and excellent performance!
01/14/2017 by Bob
This was one of the best gifts we've received in a long time.
Solid and functional
12/26/2015 by Amanda
Works great and adjusts to different sized nuts. It's nice heavy metal and appears to have solid construction. My dad loved it!
Beautifully designed
12/22/2015 by Jim
The product was a gift and the recipient absolutely loves it. Very well made and ergonomically designed. It is beautiful and very solid when being used.
06/05/2015 by Heidi
Great tool and conversation starter!
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The Nutcracker

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Designed by Erik von Shoultz and Joakim Norin.


Foods that come in a shell can be intimidating. One wrong move and you’ve sent a walnut shell sailing across the room or squirted lobster juice in someone’s eye. As a host, you could avoid serving any projectile-prone nuts or boiled crustaceans… or you could keep them on the menu and celebrate their quirky armor. With the right tools, the ritual of shelling nuts and cracking shellfish is as enjoyable as the prizes inside the hulls.

Friends since childhood, Swedish designers Oscar Löwenhielm and Erik von Schoultz reinvented the traditional nutcracker when they founded Drosselmeyer Design Group (which is named after a character in The Nutcracker ballet). Their creation uses a double lever to swiftly crush even the hardest nut shells without requiring a herculean effort. A cone-shaped chamber catches the shells to avoid spraying fragments, and most of the meat of the nut stays intact since the cracking bar doesn’t penetrate past the shell. The entire cracking assembly, made of die-cast zinc, is detachable for easy cleaning.

After the success of their innovative nutcracker, Oscar and Erik turned their attention to sea creatures. Their Caretta shellfish pliers have a spring-loaded handle and use the same double-levered action to crack lobsters, crabs and crayfish. The stainless-steel gadget has serrated teeth to securely hold your shellfish while the shell is crushed from underneath, so the meat isn’t smashed and any sea juices flow onto the plate.

Sleek, durable and effective, Drosselmeyer’s nutcracker and seafood pliers get the job done with impeccable style. Design and function are brilliantly interwoven. more Their Story

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