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Beach Bangle Beach Bangle

Beach Bangle

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  • Made in the USA: Boston, MA
  • Materials: Gold-plated steel or silver
  • Care: Polish with a soft cloth and rinse with warm water
  • Hook closure
  • If selecting "Send in Sand" option, please follow send-in instructions and allow additional processing time
  • One size fits most
  • Wave inspired charm
  • 17 mm in diameter, similar to the size of a dime
  • If this item is intended as a gift and might not arrive in time, print this card to give while your custom product is being created
  • Handmade
  • Photo shown is handmade with beach sand from Morning Star Beach, USVI
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 0.1"
  • Weight: 0.01 lb
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5 avg. (7 reviews)

07/01/2019 by Lyn
This was a gift for my 16 yr old niece and 15 yr old daughter. We go to Emerald Isle beach every year and this was perfect for them. Now they have a piece of vacation and fun memories with them all the time. They both love their bracelets! Very unique and special
06/27/2019 by Dorothy
I was surprised that they actually had sand from the beach near where I live. Surprised, but pleased. It's a nice bracelet; I wear it almost every day.
Perfect Mother’s Day Gift
05/19/2019 by Nancy
Just received the wave bracelet from my daughter for Mother’s Day It was a perfect gift!! It’s stunning and now I have a piece of the beach that I grew up on! It holds many memories of my family and wonderful fun happy summers with family and friends.And not only I grew up there but my son and daughter did and now my granddaughter is . Great gift, to treasure forever!!
Special Memories
12/30/2018 by Angela
This Christmas, I got the gold starfish bracelet for my mother-in-law. Our family has a regular trip to Panama City Beach every two years, so I had the sand pulled from there. It is a beautifully made bracelet and it was such a special gift. My MIL loves knowing that the sand came from a place where her family has so many good memories.
One of my FAVORITE bracelets!
11/04/2018 by Kyle
It is fantastically unique and dear to my heart ... so pleased with it!
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Beach Bangle

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Capture and carry your favorite beach in a custom sand bangle. Dune Jewelry’s handcrafted sand jewelry encases grains from a special beach, golf course, ballpark, or trail to create a one-of-a-kind accessory. Send them a capsule of your own sand or choose from their collection of over 1,500 beaches worldwide.

Dune Jewelry

Turn your favorite beach into a handcrafted, custom sand jewelry that’s made here in the USA.

Maker Holly Daniels Christensen wanted to capture the sunny memories of her childhood on the beaches of Cape Cod. She did this by turning sand into wearable gems. You can send her sand from your own chosen location or use the sand she already has. Her collection includes samples from over 1,500 beaches from around the world.

Each accessory is hand sanded, encased, then embellished with fine silver for a modern, matte finish. It’s a personalized accessory you’ll treasure.

Whatever your favorite seaside location— even a golf course, ballpark, or hiking trail—you can now always carry it with you. more Their Story