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Drop-In Christmas Tree Stand

Drop-In Christmas Tree Stand

Made in the USA
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  • Made in the USA: Riverside: CA
  • Instructions: Lift the tree and set it on top of the jaws. Position so the tree is straight and push it down. See full instructions for more information
  • Holds trees up to 10 feet tall (2.5"-5.5” trunk diameter)
  • Easy set-up requires only one person
  • Check & fill basin is easy to fill and holds just under a gallon of water
  • Tension bands squeeze the jaws against tree on five sides, holding it up without tipping
  • Stable 22" diameter base
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children. Some assembly required
Base and jaws: Polypropylene, galvanized steel spikes; Bands: Nitrile
Store disassembled and indoors
One base, one bridge, five jaws, and two tension bands
6" x 22" diameter
4 lbs
Made in the USA
Small Business Support


4 avg. (15 reviews)

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12/25/2019 by Elizabeth
Tipped over on Christmas Day! Knew it was too good to be true!
12/19/2019 by ALBERT
Great product easy to use.
Terrific tree stand!
12/18/2019 by Tod
Love it. Wasn't sure if it was going to work at first, but once I got the hang of it and got the tree stabilized on the spikes, I was able to then tighten each of the levers ... A little with my toe and with the hello of a rubber mallet. Doesn't hold as much water as my previous stand, but easy enough to keep an eye on the water level in a daily basis.
Works perfectly, super easy!
12/16/2019 by A. M.
As advertised this is very easy to use. I highly recommend it. The stand was a bit harder to put together than I expected. I would have liked more detailed instructions. But once I got it together, worked perfectly!
Heavy duty
12/16/2019 by Gary
Look good, but won't be able to use it this year.
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Drop-In Christmas Tree Stand

This easy Christmas tree stand simplifies holiday preparations—just drop the tree in, and the stand automatically adjusts to securely grip the trunk. The one-person setup (and removal) takes just seconds and the stand can work with trees up to 10 feet tall. Refilling and checking water levels is also a snap.

Eazy Treezy

Eazy Treezy comes from Maker and mechanical engineer Ryan Wach. After struggling with crooked and dry Christmas trees, Ryan was determined to invent a solution that would make it a one-person job to put up and take down a tree, and make it easier to keep it watered, too.

His creation, Eazy Treezy, ticks every requirement. (We checked the list . . . twice.) The drop-in design utilizes tension bands that wrap around squeezing jaws—no screws required—that won’t dig into or weaken the trunk. The tree’s weight opens the jaws that then lock it in place and securely hold it perfectly upright. Now that it’s up, don’t worry about forgetting to water the tree. This stand’s basin can hold just under a gallon of water and it’s easy to refill and check the water level. With that holiday task so quickly and easily handled, now you can focus on the rest of your merry-making plans. more Their Story