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Hypoallergenic Dryer Egg

Hypoallergenic Dryer Egg

by Ecoegg

Soften fabric and reduce drying time Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free
Sustainable Living

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  • Instructions: Place dryer egg into tumble dryer and dry laundry as normal
  • Reduces dry time in tumble dryers by up to 28%; saves energy, time, and money
  • Egg nodules lift and separate clothes, allowing heat of tumble dryer to circulate more efficiently
  • Nodules naturally soften laundry, eliminating need for fabric softener
  • Contain hypoallergenic fragrance sticks infused with essential oils that fragrance clothes. Nontoxic, chemical- and phosphate-free
  • Reusable; fragrance stick refills available after fragrance subsides. Each stick lasts for 40 dries
  • Great for sensitive skin—dermatologically tested & endorsed by Allergy UK and developed in partnership with The National Eczema Society
  • Standard laundry machine size recommended
  • Never tested on animals
  • Caution: Dryer eggs become hot during use, allow time to cool before handling and between each use. Eggs will expand if allowed to remain hot for an extended time, causing the egg to expand and the fragrance stick to fall out
  • Please note: Fragrance sticks contain glycerol monostearate and perfume. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use with very delicate clothing
  • Made in the United Kingdom
Silicone, essential oils
Two dryer eggs and 4 fragrance sticks
Temperature limit
194° Fahrenheit
5" x 2.5" x 8"
0.3 lb
Sustainable Living


4 avg. (173 reviews)

Static is gone
01/08/2020 by Kathleen
These do indeed keep static out of our clothes. The scent is very pleasant, and the drying time has decreased a little.
So Far, So Good
01/03/2020 by Jodi
I don't do a lot of laundry but, I do pet laundry. I used these first, on the dog beds. It was SO nice to have fresh, clean-smelling dogs (not just their beds) each time I came home and they'd been lying in their beds. Win!
Love these
12/19/2019 by Kathleen
The scent is so fresh and static electricity is all but gone. It does seem like a bit less drying time needed, but haven't really had them long enough to be sure. Ordered another set.
Great product
12/03/2019 by Paula
Love this product no more chemicals in my clothes. Soft and fluffy
Tremendous chemical free clothes softener
11/12/2019 by Lawrence
I love not having to use chemical fabric softeners. Most items are slightly "harder" but no chemicals is well worth it. No chemicals on you and your clothes and the environment too!
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Hypoallergenic Dryer Egg

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Soften fabric and reduce drying time Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free
Toss a dryer egg in with your laundry. It’s hypoallergenic and tested to be super soft on sensitive skin. Plus, its fragrance sticks infuse your clothes with a fresh scent.


When we first heard about Ecoegg’s all-natural, long-lasting laundry detergent alternative and dryer eggs, they sounded almost too good to be true.

When you do the wash, you don’t need to use pods or liquid detergent. Toss Ecoegg’s washer egg in with your load and the pellets inside do the cleaning and stain fighting. Ceramic pellets weaken the bonds between dirt and fabric, while mineral ones ionize the oxygen in the water, lifting grime without damaging fibers.

Each laundry egg comes with enough refillable pellets for 210 or 720 washes. Whether it’s just you or you’re washing for the whole family, one egg could last for up to three years.

Ecoegg makes hypoallergenic dryer eggs, too. They’re dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Fragrance sticks infuse your clothes with a fresh scent and the nodules on the egg’s surface soften fabric and reduce drying time by almost a third.

Enjoy a more wallet- and environment-friendly way of doing your laundry. more Their Story