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Parliament Slim Quick-Access Wallet

Parliament Slim Quick-Access Wallet

Independent Maker

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  • Instructions: Press the cardholder button with your pinky while holding the wallet to eject the cards with the quick card access mechanism
  • Patented friction mechanism holds your cards in place
  • Aluminum cardholder blocks out RFID signals and holds four to six cards
  • Entire wallet stores at least nine cards
  • Multi-purpose elastic strap can be used to hold up to three folded bills
  • Please note: Do not store the optional tracker in high-temperature environments, such as the inside of your car in direct sunlight on hot days. This may cause the outer casing to overheat and melt
  • Wallet made in India; Optional Tracker Card made in China
Wallet: 100% premium European leather; Cardholder: 80% aluminum, 20% plastic parts; Cash strap: 100% polyester; Optional Tracker Card: Plastic, Piezo, wired Chipolo silicon chipset
Spot clean as needed
One wallet with built-in cardholder
Optional Tracker Card Features
Worldwide traceability, features crowd GPS & Bluetooth. Compatible with iOS version 9.0 and Android devices version 4.4 and later with Bluetooth 4.0
Wallet: 0.59" x 4.1" x 2.5"; Optional Tracker Card: 0.1" x 3.4" x 2.1"
Wallet: 0.14 lb; Optional Tracker Card: 0.04 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (6 reviews)

Blessing in Disguise
09/12/2019 by Guy
Ok, so i'm hard to shop for. My wife knows this and poor thing tolerates it. She got me this and made the BEST effort to seem appreciative. Of course i didn't need a wallet. I had one that was well-worn, falling apart in some places and holding all the frequent shopper punch cards and 'you never know' pieces of information that i might need. Part of making an effort of appreciation is to USE the darn thing. SO i finally did. I whittled down to 6 plastic cards and few things that i don't do without (emergency $20 bill and some stamps - i'm old) I wasn't sure how this would work out and you know what it did and still continues to. What I didn't realize is that forcing myself to get rid of punch cards and misc crap was something that i was subconsciously putting off. This has simplified my wallet. I keep all receipts and they get reconciled at the end of every month. This wallet forces me to keep them nice and tidy and empty them out into a big bowl throughout the week. So yeah, i'm surprised that t's been so darn good. Thanks, wife!
Slim Quick Access Wallet
08/24/2019 by Lynne
I bought this for my husband. He likes it! He said it does try to rearrange itself in his pocket, but other than that it’s a keeper!
Like it!
08/18/2019 by Sarah
I bought it for my husband- he had been using a tri-fold but wanted something slimmer that he could have in his front pocket. He really likes this one especially the fact that the cards pop out with the button!
06/29/2019 by Pat N
This is a nice wallet. Very compact. We have not downloaded the tracking app yet, but will do so soon.
Nice product, unfortunately not enough space
06/28/2019 by Todd
I had recently "downsized" wallets but liked this one for the credit card design. Unfortunately it will barely hold 4 CC's and it literally will only hold a couple folded $ bills. It just would not fit my needs. You need to really minimize in order to make this work. I also submitted a return and was authorized very easily. Only problem is I have not heard another word since I mailed it back? Another return, I mailed at the same time, has already been credited.
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Parliament Slim Quick-Access Wallet

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Optional Tracker Card

Optional Tracker Card

This bifold slim wallet is a sophisticated and smart way to carry essential cards and cash. An aluminum cardholder is built into the leather wallet that, with just the push of a button, quickly and securely ejects up to six cards for easy access. RFID protection shields sensitive information and you can add a solar-powered tracker card for worldwide GPS traceability.


Ekster—the Dutch word for magpie—was created as a holder for shiny, valuable things. But it soars above the flock of traditional wallets with its high-tech elements. That’s thanks to Dutch creators Olivier Momma and Rick Scharnigg, who met on a Fulbright scholarship in the U.S.. They were tired of traditional wallet designs, and envisioned an elevated approach that would marry old-world leatherworking with slim, modern innovation. Wallet enthusiast Richard Cannerman came on board to complete their dream team.

Together, they patented an easy-access cardholder system—where, with the click of an ergonomically-placed button, all cards are presented in a smooth, staggered manner. Premium leather captures a classic look, while the RFID-blocking interior helps keep the cards secure. A solar-powered tracker card is an optional added touch, helping to make sure your essentials are never out of hand. more Their Story