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Bracelet - Rio

Full Details

  • Materials: Sterling silver (nickel-free)
  • Matte finish
  • Dimensions: Bracelet - Rio: 7.5"L
  • Weight: 0.2 lb.


Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Bracelet - Rio

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Sterling silver jewelry designed by Laura Serrafero, who molds her pieces in wax before casting each piece in silver.
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Laura Serrafero

Laura Serrafero approaches jewelry making as an artist, using her skills as a sculptor and painter to create small-scale works of art that are meant to be worn. She carves each design out of wax, creates a mold, and casts the pieces in silver. She then solders, sands and polishes each piece by hand at her studio in Toronto, Canada.

Laura’s Rio collection was inspired by the famed mosaic sidewalks of Copacabana in Rio De Janeiro. She translated the undulating sidewalk geometries into three dimensions, creating earrings and bracelets that evoke the fluid, sinuous forms of Copacabana. There’s a lightness about Laura’s Rio interpretation, which is intricate and refined without being too literal or heavy-handed. That balance is tough to achieve, but Laura makes it seem effortless.

For yourself or someone special, her elegant Rio collection is a gift to be treasured.