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Elevated Craft®
Super Insulated Craft Cocktail Shaker

Innovative measuring system · Pro-grade stainless steel · Double-wall construction


The Super Insulated Craft Cocktail Shaker by Elevated Craft is designed to impress and engineered to perform. Made of pro-grade stainless steel, the shaker is vacuum insulated, double-walled, and features an innovative measuring system that allows you to dial in your mix from micro ¼ and ½ oz pours all the way up to a full 6 oz concoction.

  • Innovative measuring system allows you to dial in your mix from micro ¬º and ¬Ω oz pours all the way up to a full 6 oz concoction
  • Double-wall construction and a vacuum insulated tumbler allows you to make super-chilled drinks without freezing your hands
  • The shaker top and lid are engineered to never leak or get frozen stuck
  • Store an entire 750 ml bottle of your favorite chilled spirit, wine, or pre-mixed concoction
  • Eliminates messy condensation puddles by using vacuum insulated technology
  • No rust or metallic flavor
  • Please note: Wash before first use. Never put hot or carbonated liquids in your shaker. These contents cause pressure build-up inside the cocktail shaker and can forcefully eject, causing serious injury
  • Made in China


One Super Insulated Craft Cocktail Shaker individually boxed in high-quality, plastic-free gift packaging


10.7" x 3.45" diameter


1.46 lbs


Pro-grade 304 stainless steel, silicone gaskets


Dishwasher safe. Hand wash recommended. Never use bleach or chlorine to clean your shaker. It corrodes stainless steel, causing rust. Use vinegar and baking soda for an extra deep clean


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Elevated Craft®

Elevated Craft has a passion for product design and thoughtfully crafted beverages that drives what they do. Their mission is to design products that empower you to create unforgettable experiences. Their flagship product, the Super Insulated Craft Cocktail Shaker, was made possible with the generous support of over 20,000 crowdfunding backers who have come together to create a community of cocktail enthusiasts.
Founder Name: Adam Craft Founded: 2018 Located in Arizona

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