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Wool Blister Relief - 5 Mini Packs Wool Blister Relief - 5 Mini Packs

Wool Blister Relief - 5 Mini Packs

Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Prevents and helps relieve pain from blisters and hotspots
  • Contains all-natural, soothing lanolin
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Can be used with or without socks
  • Portable wool packs great for hiking, camping, skiing, and travel
  • Please note: Not for use on broken skin
  • Made in New Zealand, packaged in the USA
100% all-natural New Zealand lambswool
Five individual travel packets with 2-3 wool applications in each
Each wool packet: 3" x 3"
0.03 lb
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


5 avg. (7 reviews)

These were gifts
06/26/2019 by Dana
I bought these for work colleagues who like to hike. They said they love them.
Pleased with purchase
02/14/2019 by Mary
Helped a lot. I find I don't have to use as often as I did initially .
A good solution
06/05/2018 by Jackie
My feet are all screwed up from bunions, wearing high heed etc.....I am alway struggling with blisters in weird places that are hard to cover with bandaids. These work great. I wear them all the time.
Works great
05/16/2018 by Cindy
Use this all the time, truly holds in place and doesn’t rub/irritate, much better than moleskin!
Excellent relief
08/12/2016 by Donna
Very happy with the relief I have received.
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Wool Blister Relief - 5 Mini Packs

The lambs of New Zealand are here to protect your feet. This eNZees is 100% natural lambswool that prevents blisters and hot spots with lanolin—the wax that keeps lambs’ coats dry. It wicks away moisture and reduces the friction that causes your shoes to turn against you. Keep a mini-packet in your purse or pack one when you go camping. Tear off a piece, hold on your trouble spot, then slip on your shoes or socks.

eNZees Foot Soother

Whether you want to prevent new heels from pinching you or hiking boots from roughing up your feet, eNZees is 100% natural wool for blister relief.

Where does this wonder wool come from? The lambs of New Zealand. Their wool is coated with lanolin—a wax that sheds excess wetness and keeps them dry. The lanolin works just as well for you, wicking away moisture and reducing the friction that causes blisters and hotspots.

To use eNZees, tear off a piece of wool and place it on your trouble spot. Keep it in place while you put on your sock or shoe. It provides a comfy cushion and, if you are wearing socks, will even weave itself snugly into the fibers.

The wool is humanely sourced in the spring, just in time to trim up the lambs’ coats so they’re less prone to summer heat strokes and unwanted insects.

Maker Jill Schuman was first exposed to this age-old remedy before a 27-mile trek up the New Zealand mountains. But eNZees is good for any blister-prone activity, from dancing to commuting. This pain-stopping wool is as kind to the lambs as it is to your feet. more Their Story

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