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BBQ Rib Skinner

Full Details

  • Provides easy removal of membrane from pork and beef so your seasoning can work into the meat. Can also be used as a catfish skinner
  • Precision contact jaws made of durable steel
  • Teflon-coated to make cleaning easier and prevent corrosion
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip for easy use and a PVC under layer for bacteria control
  • Made in China
1045 steel, PVC
Hand wash only with mild dish soap in cool water. Air dry. Wash before use
6.75" x 5.6" x 1.6"
0.45 lb


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BBQ Rib Skinner

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Removes rib membranes in a stroke · Makes seasoned meat more tender and tasty
This BBQ rib skinner gets to the meat of the matter. Crafted from sturdy steel with precise jaws and a non-slip grip, it easily removes membranes from pork and beef in one stroke. Without that extra fatty layer, seasoning can reach meat directly for a meal with more tasty tenderness.
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Ergo Chef

Myron Mixon—a world champion BBQ master—knows his way around a grill. And he’s long lamented the frustration of removing membranes from ribs, which can create a fatty mess that affects taste and texture, too. That’s why Ergo Chef was so excited to team up with him on a new grillside essential to tame meat membranes, once and for all.

The rib skinner puts you in control of perfect pork and beef prep. With precision-contact jaws (literally made of steel) and an ergonomic, non-slip handle you can grip and pull off rib membranes in just one stroke. With that messy layer removed, seasoning makes direct contact with meat, leading to a tasty and tender meal.