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Adult Active Sitting Stool

Adult Active Sitting Stool

Award-winning ergonomic design Small movements help improve alertness and core strength
Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Fairfield, IA
  • Accordion structure allows for active sitting
  • Strengthens your core, relieves back ache, and encourages upright posture
  • Improves alertness, focus, and calm as micro-movements send more blood and oxygen to your brain
  • Patented design is comfortable, safe, and durable
  • Lightweight and compact, stores easily underneath a desk
  • Winner of The Edison Award, Good Design Award, and the Academics’ Choice Mind Spring Award
Recyclable technopolymer
Weight Limit
Original holds up to 225 lbs, Wide holds up to 275 lbs
Original: 20.5" x 16" diameter; Wide: 20.5" x 19.5" diameter
Original: 9 lbs; Wide: 12 lbs
Made in the USA


4.5 avg. (78 reviews)

Good chair
12/13/2019 by Janet
I've only used this ErgoErgo for about a month and so far no real complaints. It is made well and takes up a lot less real estate than the ball I previously used. This design also forces me to sit straight and to use my abdominal muscles. The surface is a bit hard, so I created a padded cover to make it a bit more comfy.
11/02/2019 by Dee
Works great!
not for me
10/09/2019 by Birute
The plastic is hard and did not feel comfortable. I sent it back.
Not very comfortable
06/26/2019 by Susan
I don't know if it was too tall, but, I never could get comfortable with this stool. My husband is using it, and he likes it. I'm 5'3". He's 5'8". Taller is better here, I'm thinking.
Good core workout. Easy to sit on
06/26/2019 by Karen
...and it doesn't roll away! Perfect height for my desk.
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Adult Active Sitting Stool

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Award-winning ergonomic design Small movements help improve alertness and core strength
This Made in the USA ergonomic stool encourages you to make small movements that help circulation, breathing, and keeping your mind more alert. And unlike a stability ball, ErgoErgo looks cool and won’t roll away.


This Made in the USA ergonomic stool keeps you active while sitting. It’s shaped like an accordion to encourage small movements, use your muscles, and reduce slouching.

By staying active, you boost your strength and flexibility. ErgoErgo challenges you to stay in an alert, upright position that helps your circulation, your breathing, and even your focus.

Traditional chairs give your core and back muscles a lot of support, which is why you tend to slouch. That causes the muscles to weaken and creates discomfort in your shoulders, neck, and back. With ErgoErgo, you’re shifting through a range of small movements as you sit, strengthening, your body. And unlike traditional stability balls, this stool won’t roll away when you get up.

It’s a more active, healthier, cool-looking way to spend your time sitting down. more Their Story

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