Ergonomic Craft Blade

By ErgoKiwi

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This art scalpel has a unique ergonomic design made to help reduce hand strain and feel good, any which way you hold it. An embedded magnet holds the blade in the handle and makes it safer to pick the blade up—this means you can store the knife on a metal surface, too. A latch locks the blade in place. Pick from a bocote hardwood, plywood, or paperstone handle.

  • Materials: See full material list below
  • Includes: One handle, one 5-pack of stainless steel #2 cutting blades by Excel in plastic cylinder for storage, and one canvas bag for storage
  • Designed so that your hand intuitively adapts to find a comfortable grip
  • The blade assembly is designed with a magnet so it will never come loose. The magnet makes the Kiwi easy to store on metal surfaces
  • Latch prevents blade from slipping out, especially when cutting thicker material
  • Compatible with #2 blades
  • Please note: keep out of reach of children
  • Plywood, bocote, and paperstone craft blades made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 0.8" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.1 lb
  • Plywood: Aircraft grade finish Plywood, three coats of polyurethane, neodymium magnet, stainless steel 3D printed latch
  • Bocote: Hand-selected Bocote hardwood, sanded to a 1,000 grit finish, neodymium magnet, stainless steel 3D printed latch
  • Paperstone: Paperstone, a sustainable, synthetic concrete, sanded to a 1,000 grit finish, neodymium magnet, stainless steel 3D printed latch

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Very nice tool; need more things to do with it!

2/5/2019 by Michael

This tool really is very pleasant in the hand and can be held in at least three different ways, as indicated in the ad. I really do like it; I just cannot think of enough cool things to do with it!More > < Less


The craft knife you never knew you needed

1/11/2019 by Ben

I had received one of these from the original kickstarter, and have absolutely loved using it. The handle is just the perfect shape. This is now my go-to knife for most small-to-medium cutting tasks, and I use it nearly daily.

The only issues I've had with my handle are due to me abusing it with fairly heavy-duty cutting tasks. e.g. cutting through very tough, 1/4" thick veg-tan leather.
More > < Less


Very well crafted

4/25/2019 by Denise

I do love this product, fits well in your hand multiple ways! I have had quite a few knives for my work but this so far is the best! One small issue I have is I work with metal all around my station, my station is all metal so when I put it down any where the piece that holds the blade in opens and just wish there was something there to keep it from opening! Maybe a smooth strapping piece to keep it from opening!More > < Less

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About ErgoKiwi

Feel Good Grip

Craft blade, art scalpel—whatever you call it, ErgoKiwi has redesigned the traditional pen knife to feel better when you’re at work.

While studying architecture, Maker Sean Riley realized the knife he seemed to always have in his hand was causing cramps. He and classmate Cam Chateauneuf created more than 100 prototypes over two years trying to dial in on the perfect balance of form and function before landing on this unique design that felt perfectly balanced.

ErgoKiwi stands out for its eye-catchingly different ergonomic handle, made from bocote hardwood, plywood, or paperstone. Once you hold it in your hand, you’ll feel the difference, too. You can hold it in any position that feels natural and it’ll help avoid strain by preventing hyperextension of the index finger. No tension or straining means you can work more comfortably and focus at the task (literally) at hand. Magnets embedded in the handle hold the blade in place and a latch locks it in. This is especially useful when you’re cutting thicker material. Even handier? The magnetic handle lets you secure the knife to metal surfaces when you’re not using it.